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RNRN volunteer with young girle

RN Response Network July 2020 update

RNRN is monitoring the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season, which is setting records with Hurricane Isaias being the earliest “I” named hurricane in history. In California, there have already been over 4500 fires, more than twice the average normally recorded at this point in the season.

RN Response Network
August 15, 2020

Nurses hold signs "Black Lives Matter"

Nurses: Protesters Are Our Patients. Stop Attacking Them

As we connect the lines, nurses can see that police violence against protesters spans calendar years, locations, and protest issues; it is ubiquitous. As advocates for public health and safety, we call for an end to this violence.

Bonnie Castillo, RN, opinion contributor for The Hill
June 16, 2020

At this weekend’s women’s marches

Nurses are marching for change

Unionism and feminism go hand in hand. Just ask union nurses. Our women-dominated profession stands up against a billion-dollar health care industry every single day, and using our collective power, we win critical protections in our union contract — from fair wages and benefits, to protection from workplace harassment and violence.

Bonnie Castillo, Executive Director of National Nurses United
January 21, 2020

RN Mary Jane Perry in Bahamas

RNRN sends nurses to disaster areas

RNRN volunteer nurses traveled to the devastated Gulf Coast to help provide care for the hundreds of thousands of people abandoned and without food, water, shelter, medical aid, nursing care, or even a basic evacuation plan.

Eleanor Godfrey, Director, Registered Nurse Response Network
January 15, 2020

RN in El Paso

Answering the call — Registered Nurses provide critical care to migrant families

Registered Nurse Response Network volunteers spent three days at Casa Alitas, a Catholic Community Services shelter in Tucson, Ariz., providing medical care to migrant families and asylum seekers recently released from federal detention.

RN Response Network
April 2, 2019

Volunteers with NNU’s disaster relief project, the RN Response Network, assess California wildfire damage.

On International Women’s Day, Let’s Honor the ‘Caring Professions’ for What They Are: Warriors

When the deadliest wildfire in California history wiped an entire city off the map last November, volunteer registered nurses cancelled their Thanksgiving plans, strapped on respirators

National Nurses United
March 8, 2019

Large group of nurses outside Capitol building holding banner "Strong Union, Nurses, Veterans"

Support the VA Employee Fairness Act

When ER nurses show up for work at the UC San Diego Hospital they don’t know who will come through the door needing care; an elderly woman having a heart attack, a newborn struggling to

National Nurses United
June 13, 2018

Oakland City Council Approves Resolution to Support Robin Hood Tax

Registered Nurse Thorild Urdal told the Oakland City Council recently how she sees patients struggling everyday to survive during these tough economic times. They're delaying healthcare, rationing medication or not buying medication at all. “I see them coming in worse and worse shape, “ the Alta Bates Medical Center nurse said. That’s why Urdal and her fellow nurses are calling for a Robin Hood Tax to help our communities recover from the economic crisis caused by Wall Street.

California Nurses Association

Instead of Paul Ryan’s ‘Robin Hood in Reverse,’ Why Not a Robin Hood Tax?

For House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan and the Republican Party’s unofficial austerity caucus, the shutdown and debt-ceiling fights did not end in defeat. As part of the deal to end reopen the government and avert a “full-faith-and-credit” crisis, they got an agreement to establish a House and Senate conference committee that is charged with pulling together a bipartisan budget plan.

The Nation

Sign the petition to save Doctors Medical Center in San Pablo

RNs from Doctors Medical Center (DMC) are fighting to keep this critical facility open. Nurses are urging Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors to assume authority of DMC, which has 79 percent of the hospital beds and 60 percent of the emergency care in the region. Closure would be a healthcare catastrophe!

California Nurses Association