Nurses for Medicare for All

Nurses Welcome Formation of House Medicare for All Caucus Amidst Growing Support for Single Payer

National Nurses United is enthusiastically welcoming the inaugural formation to be announced Thursday of a House Medicare for All Caucus, the latest sign of growing support for guaranteed healthcare for all through an improved and expanded Medicare for all, single payer system.

National Nurses United
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Registered Nurses Unite for safe patient limits groups across North America support the Patient Safety Act

BOSTON — Nursing organizations representing hundreds of thousands of nurses from across North America have endorsed the effort by Massachusetts nurses to pass for An Act relative to patient safety

Massachusetts Nurses Association
July 16, 2018
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Nurses Stand up for Public Health at STAND-LA Community Forum on Oil Extraction

On July 12, Tveen Kirkpatrick, RN, from Keck Hospital, University of Southern California, and Guss Mata, RN, of Kaiser Sunset attended the STAND-LA community forum.

California Nurses Association
July 13, 2018
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National Nurses United Condemns Trump Administration’s Opposition to Breastfeeding Resolution

National Nurses United, the largest U.S. union of registered nurses, strongly condemned the U.S. administration’s opposition to an international resolution encouraging breastfeeding—which nurses say is an attempt by the administration to kowtow to a profit-seeking infant formula industry, while ignoring science and jeopardizing the health of babies and mothers around the globe.

National Nurses United
July 10, 2018

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Nurses Urge Six HCA-Affiliated Hospitals in Florida to Ensure Optimal Patient Care

Registered nurses at HCA-affiliated hospitals in St. Petersburg, Bradenton, and Brooksville will hold informational pickets on Thursday, July 12, urging that hospital management address RN turnover rates and consistently comply with staffing grids. This will improve the recruitment and retention of experienced RNs, and ensure optimal patient care, say nurses.

National Nurses Organizing Committee - Florida
July 10, 2018