NNU building nurse power, 2021-2024

National Nurses United is building nurse power from coast to coast. Check out our most recent accomplishments.

Three nurses hold signs "Trust Nurses, Not A.I."

Humanity is the heart of nursing

Replacing RN care with A.I. is unacceptable. NNU nurses are fighting back against unregulated and unproven technologies that put our patients and our profession at risk.

Nurse holds sign "Protect Nurses Patients Public Health

NNU delivers petition to CDC

On April 4, 2024, NNU delivered a petition, signed by over 5,600 individuals, urging CDC to ensure all necessary perspectives are added to HICPAC and its workgroup, including frontline health care workers, unions, patients advocates, and other public health experts.

Press releases

California Nurses Association members condemned the California State Assembly Appropriations Committee for capitulating to corporate health care and failing to pass A.B. 2200,  the California Guaranteed Health Care for All Act, also known as CalCare, at a time when public health programs are being drastically cut and a comprehensive, high-quality single payer program would be many Californians’ only lifeline for care.
A survey by National Nurses United found that artificial intelligence technology (A.I.) often contradicts and undermines nurses’ own clinical judgment and threatens patient safety. The findings underscore the urgent need for stricter regulation and greater input from nurses and health care staff on whether and how A.I. is deployed.
Registered nurses from across California will march and rally in Sacramento, Calif., on May 14 ahead of lobby visits with lawmakers at the state capitol to discuss nurses’ priority legislation.
Registered nurses at Washington Hospital in Fremont, Calif., voted in favor of ratifying a new four-year contract winning protections to improve patient safety and nurse retention at their facility.

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Safe staffing ratios protect our patients from complications that arise from missed care such as medical errors, health care disparities, infections, and so much more.

We can organize and win — anywhere

Hear from nurses in Maine, North Carolina, and North Dakota on how and why they organized their hospitals.

National Nurse Magazine

Calling Their Bluff: Michigan nurses win big in battle with ProMedica

Michigan nurses win hard-fought contract

Adrian RNs successfully defeat two-tier retirement proposal

NNU report shows surge in workplace violence rates

A majority of nurses have experienced workplace violence within the past year

Four nurses inside hospital giving thumbs up

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