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Applications for Fall 2024 are now closed

Fall Classes:

Classes begin Tuesday, September 3, 2024.

Gender, Economic Inequality, and Health (Certificate requirement)

  • How does economic inequality contribute to public health crises? This course investigates the current state of the global economy with a focus on how economic inequality produces wide disparities in health risk, access to health care and clinical outcomes. It also explores how domestic and global structures related to economic trade and migration create dysfunctional health care delivery systems. Students leave the course understanding why transnational struggles for a single standard of care for all people will heal inequality in our global society.

Debt, Crisis, and Women’s Health

  • Why has debt become the binding glue of the 21st century global economy and how does debt adversely affect health? This class explores the economic and social roots of debt and the resulting economic and public health crises it produces. Students will explore structural alternatives to debts and begin envisioning an economy less marked by crisis.

Care Work

  • This class situates professional nursing within the broader global context of the transnational care economy. Students will learn about the intimate nature of care work and identify how intensive physical labor, person-to-person communication, and human touch pose a challenge to market-driven efforts to increase profit-making through mechanization and exploitation of nurses, migrant and precarious workers. It identifies strategies that care workers have used to improve working conditions and their ability to deliver safe, therapeutic, and effective care both domestically and globally.

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