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Submitted by ADonahue on March 24, 2021

National Nurses United is committed to building a broad movement for transformative social change and confronting the powerful interests that dominate our economic and political system. We are proud to support Congressional, state, and local candidates that share nurses’ values of caring, compassion, and community.

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Nurses support Schumer call for vote on Biden’s Build Back Better bill; urge Sen. Manchin to rescind opposition and vote ‘Yes’

NNU today endorsed Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s announcement that he will hold a vote early next year on President Biden’s Build Back Better legislation to help families across America.

National Nurses United
December 20, 2021

Nurses Praise President Biden’s Leadership on Build Back Better Agenda Bill Essential for Improving Lives of Women Workers and Their Families

NNU today strongly endorsed efforts by President Biden, the Congressional Progressive Caucus, and the vast majority of the House and Senate Democratic caucuses to pass the reconciliation and infrastructure legislation in tandem.

National Nurses United
October 4, 2021

National Nurses United Applauds Passage of Senate Budget Resolution

National Nurses United today applauded the passage of the Senate FY2022 Budget Resolution.

National Nurses United
August 11, 2021