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Covid-19 professional and patient advocacy update

Read our guide on how to stay safe during the Omicron surge.

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About the virus

Learn more about SARS-CoV-2 including its symptoms and how it is transmitted.

Nurse holds sign "Protect Nurses, Patients, Public Health"

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See our full list of resources for nurses and other health care workers, including information on PPE and other protections, public and community health, and more.

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Nurse holds sign "Protect Nurses, Patients, Public Health"

Covid-19 Mental Health Resources

Nurses - we know and appreciate how hard you are working on behalf of your patients during this unprecedented pandemic. Please consider taking advantage of the following opportunities to care for yourself in these testing times.

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Moral Injury and PTSD in the Nursing Profession

This CE class will describe how the Covid-19 pandemic has amplified the stress inherent in the registered nurse’s role within the current health care system. It will explore the critical stressors facing the profession and offer solutions to mitigate those stressors.

Post-Exposure Isolation Period for Omicron SARS-CoV-2 Variant

This scientific brief outlines the incubation period and what nurses and other health care workers should do when exposed to Covid-19.

Covid Testing and Screening in Health Care Settings

This brief goes over a science-driven approach to protecting nurses and other health care workers, our patients, and public health.

OSHA Covid-19 Emergency Temporary Standard

Learn what is now required under the Occupational Safety and Health Administration Covid-19 Emergency Temporary Standard.

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NNU’s standards for hospital safety during the Covid-19 pandemic

Learn more about what protective measures hospitals and other health care facilities should implement.

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Tell-us-your-story forms

Health care workers have been deeply impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. As a nurse-driven organization, we want to hear from you!

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NNU's national surveys have highlighted the issues nurses have faced during the pandemic—including unsafe staffing, workplace violence, and moral distress.

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Download your own materials to print, share on the web, or use on social media.


View the full National Nurses United Covid-19 bibliography.

How NNU is advocating for nurses

Nurses outside The Whitehouse holds signs calling for protection from Covid-19

Statements and letters to officials

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, National Nurses United has called for the proper steps to protect nurses and public health.

Nurses hold signs "Protect Nurses, Patients, Public Health"

Nurses keep up pressure on OSHA to issue permanent Covid standard

National Nurses United has been fiercely advocating for mandatory protections to protect nurses and other health care workers and, as we marked two years into Covid this spring, we relentlessly continue our fight.

Nurses hold signs "Protect Nurses, Patients, Public Health"

Nurses say implement Covid-19 pandemic equity task force recommendations

National Nurses United praised President Biden’s Covid-19 Health Equity Task Force, which released its final report in November.

Latest Press Releases

NNU urged OSHA to issue permanent standard to protect health care workers from Covid and make improvements to the temporary standard.
The Covid-19 pandemic is not over. This is not the time to lift mask mandates on airplanes, in hospitals, on public transportation, on trains, in ride-sharing cars, or indoors.
Hospital RNs also reported that their hospitals are still not adequately prepared for a Covid-19 surge. National Nurses United calls on Congress to pass federal safe staffing legislation.
NNU argued today before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit on behalf of leading national labor organizations and unions representing nurses and health care workers.

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