Global Nurses United

Global Nurses United (GNU) aims to step up fight against austerity, privatization, attacks on public health and work for safe nurse staffing ratios, and improved patient care for all.

Global Nurses United is a federation of nurse and health care worker unions in more than 30 nations, coming together to step up the fight against austerity, privatization, and attacks on public health—and to work for nurses’ and workers’ rights and improved patient care for all.

Federación de Enfermeras del Ministério de Salud del Per

Nurses marching, holding banner that reads "Global Nurses Solidarity" and sign that reads "Our Planet, Our Health"

Nurse union leaders from around the world demand governments address health impacts of the climate crisis

At a briefing for members of the global press, Global Nurses United (GNU), the premier federation of global nurse unions, released a statement urging governments to take action against the health impacts of climate change, in advance of international climate negotiations at COP28.

Global Nurses United
November 29, 2023

Global Nurses United delegates meeting in San Francisco

Nurse union leaders from around the world speak up on the growing health impacts of the climate crisis

Global Nurses United will host a virtual press briefing for members of the global press on Wednesday, November 29. Nurse union leaders will detail the growing health impacts of the climate crisis in their respective countries in advance of the beginning of COP28.

Global Nurses United, National Nurses United
November 22, 2023

Nurses seating at tables in convention hall with their international flags

Global Nurses United celebrates successful meeting on pandemic policy and climate change

More than 250 nurses from 33 countries across six continents gathered to discuss the ongoing impacts the Covid-19 pandemic has had in their countries, as well as their current and future concerns about health impacts of the pervasive problem of understaffing in hospitals and clinics around the world and the climate crisis.

Global Nurses United
October 10, 2023

The National Congress of Brazil

Global Nurses United condemns acts of terrorism and political violence on Brazil’s capital 

Global Nurses United, representing more than 2.5 million nurses and other health care workers in 29 countries around the world, vehemently condemns yesterday’s violent anti-democratic attacks on the National Congress, Federal Supreme Court, and Planalto Palace in Brasilia, Brazil.

Global Nurses United
January 9, 2023

Ukrainian flag in the wind

Global Nurses United condemns Russian invasion of Ukraine, ongoing attacks on health care facilities and personnel

GNU expresses its solidarity with the nurses and other health care professionals of Ukraine who are struggling mightily to provide care during this unprovoked invasion.

Global Nurses United
March 15, 2022

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