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Submitted by amyjune on September 21, 2017

Sins of Omission: How Government Failures to Track Covid-19 Data Have Led to More Than 1,700 Health Care Worker Deaths and Jeopardize Public Health

Since the beginning of the pandemic, NNU has been tracking the deaths of U.S. registered nurses as well as the Covid-19 infections and deaths of health care workers because no one was reporting this information. The Sins of Omission report has researched and confirmed the deaths of more than 1,700 health care workers. The report includes a list of the known names of 213 registered nurses who died of Covid-19 as of Sept. 16, as well as the known names of 617 additional health care workers.

Retaining Effective and Sound Programs for Excellent Care and Treatment (RESPECT) for Veterans

The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) faces a dilemma between its mission, “Honor America’s Veterans by providing exceptional health care that improves their health and well-being,” and the limits that appropriated funding levels impose on its work. This paper compares care provided by the VHA with care available in the private sector based on the assessments and reports required by the Choice Act as well as scientific studies and medical literature.

Taking Neighbors To Court: Johns Hopkins Hospital Medical Debt Lawsuits

This report presents findings on Johns Hopkins Hospital’s practices in suing its patients for medical debt. Many of these lawsuits seek to recover only the amount outstanding after insurance coverage is applied, including Medicare and Medicaid.

Johns Hopkins Hospital: REALITY vs. REPUTATION

On his deathbed, Johns Hopkins set forth instructions and funds for the creation of a hospital that would serve this purpose: "to treat the poor without charge" no matter the patient’s "age, sex, or color."

FOUNDATIONS OF CARE: Upholding the Legacy of Hopkins’ Nurse Pioneers

Direct-care nurses who practice at Johns Hopkins Hospital, located in East Baltimore, Md. have written this report to bring attention to patient safety concerns that they and their patients face every day.

NURSES AT RISK: Insufficient Protections at Johns Hopkins Hospital Compromise Nurse and Patient Health and Safety

During the summer and fall of 2018, nurses at Johns Hopkins Hospital (JHH) surveyed their colleagues about health and safety in their units. This report outlines the results of the survey and draws on the scientific literature to underline the impact and importance of nurses’ health and safety.

BREAKING THE PROMISE OF PATIENT CARE: How Johns Hopkins Hospital Management Shortchanges Baltimore and Puts Patients and the Community at Risk

This report, looks specifically at Johns Hopkins Hospital, asks whether Johns Hopkins Hospital is doing enough for Baltimore and its citizens, and the state of Maryland more broadly, when compared to the rich array of tax exemptions Johns Hopkins Hospital receives as a not-for-profit organization.