Shasta Medical Center healthcare workers join union

Shasta Regional Medical Center Healthcare Workers Vote Overwhelmingly to Join Union

Healthcare workers at Shasta Regional Medical Center (SRMC) in Redding, CA voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday May 1st to join Caregivers and Healthcare Employees Union (CHEU) an affiliate of the California Nurses Association/National Nurses United (CNA/NNU).

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Why Caregiver and Healthcare Employees want CHEU

The Caregivers Union is an independent union formed in 2001 by hospital employees to win strong union representation, better benefits and improved conditions for employees and patients. Caregivers Union is an affiliate of the National Nurses Organizing Committee (NNOC/CNA).

Workplace Violence Regulations

Workplace Violence Puts Everyone At Risk

The California Nurses Association (CNA) sponsored S.B. 1299 in response to workplace violence as a serious occupational hazard for registered nurses and other healthcare workers. S.B. 1299 became law in 2014 and directed Cal/OSHA to develop a comprehensive workplace violence prevention standard for hospitals and other healthcare settings. CNA members provided significant testimony during the rulemaking process, which enabled Cal/OSHA to develop comprehensive regulations that are a model for the nation.

Health care workers at Arcadia

Health Care Workers and Employees at Methodist Hospital in Arcadia Vote to Unionize

Last night, health care workers and employees at Methodist Hospital in Arcadia, Calif. voted to join the Caregivers & Healthcare Employees Union (CHEU).

Caregiver Healthcare Employees Union
January 23, 2020
Health care workers with signs

Health Care Workers at Shasta Regional Medical Center Win Key Gains in Patient Care with Historic First Contract

Health care workers at Shasta Regional Medical Center (SRMC) in Redding, Calif. have ratified their first collective bargaining contract with important key improvements in patient care protections, training benefits, and enhanced economic standards that will help in the recruitment ...

California Nurses Association / CHEU
August 30, 2019
Health care workers with signs

Registered Nurses and Health Care Workers to Hold Candlelight Vigil Over Patient Care Concerns at AHMC San Gabriel Valley Medical Center

Registered nurses and health care workers at AHMC San Gabriel Valley Medical Center in San Gabriel, Calif. will hold a candlelight vigil on Friday, August 2, 2019 at 7 p.m.

Caregiver Healthcare Employees Union
July 31, 2019