Submitted by Administrator on December 4, 2014

The California Nurses Association / National Nurses United is the largest union and professional organization of registered nurses in the United States and a strong, progressive voice for nurses, patients, and healthcare workers around the world.

We advocate and organize around the Social/Economic/Environmental/ and Climate Justice issues that affect the quality of life and health for our patients and our communities.

We are seeking like-minded and experienced professionals who believe in our mission and have a personal dedication to social justice issues.

Political Educator

Submitted by njones on February 26, 2021
San Francisco Bay Area, CA
We seek skilled political educators, trainers, facilitators, curriculum/resource developers with a structural understanding of racism, capitalism, and gendered oppression. Ideal candidates have experience developing and delivering creative interactive and accessible workshops and trainings in areas of racial, gender, healthcare, economic, environmental, global justice and/or bargaining for social justice or strong collective bargaining experience.

Regulatory/Policy Specialist

Submitted by ADonahue on February 1, 2021
San Francisco Bay Area, CA
National Nurses United seeks a committed professional who has successfully helped develop politically progressive policies for the position of Regulatory/Policy Specialist in the Oakland-based Health Policy Department.

Community Organizer - Southern Region

Submitted by ADonahue on January 29, 2021
Florida or Texas

For far too long, the healthcare industry has ignored the needs of nurses.  During their work lives, nurses at non-union hospitals are at the beck and call of the hospital 24 hours a day.  At non-union hospitals, nurses have been forced to work mandatory overtime, even when they are so exhausted that patient care could suffer.  When nurses from many non-union hospitals face retirement years, there is no pension plan. After nurses spend their entire work lives caring for others, when they retire from non-union hospitals, nurses are unable to afford adequate medical care themselves.

Labor Representative - Tucson, AZ

Submitted by ADonahue on December 29, 2020
Tucson, AZ
This is an amazing opportunity for an experienced labor representative with organizing experience. Use all of the lessons from your previous work to help build the kind of powerful and effective labor organization you have always wanted to see.


Submitted by ADonahue on November 17, 2020
Oakland, CA
We seek skilled educators who use creative pedagogical methods that encourage students to turn knowledge into collective action. Ideal candidates for this position are passionate about developing the knowledge and analytical acumen that it takes for union nurses to navigate some of the world’s most challenging health concerns: economic inequality, racial injustice, gender inequity, climate change and global insecurity.


Submitted by ADonahue on October 1, 2020
Across the country, we seek experienced organizers, lead organizers, and dedicated directors who want to return to the progressive values that started them working in the labor movement as well as activists who want to learn to become union organizers.

Florida Labor Representative/Organizer

Submitted by Administrator on January 6, 2017
We seek an experienced Labor Representative/Organizer who enjoys developing and working with strong members and who shares our vision of nurses leading a national movement for health care justice.


Nursing Practice Representative

Submitted by ADonahue on August 5, 2020
California Nurses Association/National Nurses United is the country's fastest growing labor and professional organization for direct-care RNs. Our assertive stance on protecting nursing practice and patient advocacy has given National Nurses United a global reputation as a leader in the fight against corporatization of healthcare.


Labor Representative - Minnesota

Submitted by Administrator on December 4, 2014
St. Paul, MN
The Minnesota Nurses Association of the National Nurses United (NNU) AFL-CIO, the nation’s largest nurses’ union and professional association, seeks an experienced Labor Representative.