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CNA Applauds First Vote on Bill to Strengthen Public Protections in Advance of Hospital and ER Closures

A bill to strengthen requirements for public notice and other requirements prior to hospital and emergency room closures or other major health services cuts passed its first legislative test late Tuesday afternoon in the California Assembly Health Committee.

California Nurses Association
April 18, 2018

Nurses & Community Leaders to Hold a Press Conference ahead of Special City Council Meeting to Save Community Hospital Long Beach

Nurses and community leaders will hold a press conference Tuesday afternoon ahead of the Long Beach City Council’s special meeting to provide an update on the campaign to save Community

California Nurses Association
April 2, 2018
Workplace Violence Puts Everyone At Risk

Nurses to Highlight Landmark New Rules on Prevention of Workplace Violence in Hospitals – Model for National Regs

Registered nurses who have encountered workplace violence in hospital settings will speak out Tuesday, April 3 in a California Nurses Association/National Nurses United (CNA/NNU) press conference in Oakland to highlight the implementation of the strongest state workplace violence prevention rules in the nation.

California Nurses Association
March 29, 2018
Safer Hospitals = Safer Care

On April 1, California Healthcare Employers With No Workplace Violence Prevention Plan Will Be Breaking the Law

Thanks to a hard-won fight by the California Nurses Association, as of April 1, California healthcare employers without a plan to prevent workplace violence will be breaking the law.

Bonnie Castillo, Executive Director of National Nurses United
April 2, 2018
sb 562 action outside rendon's office

Piecemeal bills will not fix California's health care. Single payer is the only solution

Last June, Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon unilaterally blocked public hearings, amendments and legislative votes on 

Deborah Burger, Special to The Sacramento Bee
Nurses Say: Stop the Violence

Nurses to Marching Students: “We Stand With You,” As RNs Back Federal Bill to End Violence in Healthcare Workplaces

As nurses fight for the passage of HR 5223, a national bill to prevent violence in healthcare settings, we stand in solidarity with the students and teachers rising up to say “#NeverAgain” to violence in schools. In our shared struggle, we see a demand for greater public health and safety.

Bonnie Castillo, Executive Director, National Nurses United
UC nurses protest working conditions

Ani Gasparyan: UC’s nursing retirement plan jeopardizes patient, workplace safety

You would expect the nation’s top-tier hospitals to not just be invested in maintaining quality patient care, but also in cultivating a healthy work environment. The University of California’s treatment of its nurses suggests otherwise.

Ani Gasparyan, Daily Bruin
March 7, 2018
RoseAnn DeMoro with Senator Bernie Sanders

California nurses union leader RoseAnn DeMoro retiring, but remains ‘on call’

Sen. Bernie Sanders calls her “very tough” and “an invaluable ally.” Longtime consumer advocate Ralph Nader praises her as “the greatest labor organizer of her time.” AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka admires her “iron will.” Filmmaker Michael Moore says she is “the pain-in-the-ass labor leader all workers need fighting for them.”

Joe Garofoli, San Francisco Chronicle
March 4, 2018
Single payer supporters

California Needs SB 562 to Guarantee Health Care For All

Amid attacks by the Trump administration and Congress on the Affordable Care Act, Medicare and Medicaid that will further drive up costs for care and push more people out of health coverage entirely, California legislators should stop talking about universal coverage and act.

Deborah Burger, RN; Commentary in The San Diego Tribune
January 24, 2018