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Submitted by ADonahue on November 4, 2021

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Hospital industry peddling programs to treat acute-care patients in their homes

Nursing is a highly-skilled profession that is based on scientific knowledge and attention to detail. It demands an ability to combine the physical, psychological, and emotional needs of a patient with compassion, empathy, and advocacy to honor the dignity in all people.

Home All Alone programs are directly opposed to this hands-on human to human approach to nursing. The hospital industry has long wanted to automate a skilled, science-based profession by reducing people to a list of symptoms that are measured by technology that is proven to be racially and ethnically biased, and does not take into account the individual patient.

Covid has opened up the hospital industry’s desire to normalize remote and automated care in order to decentralize patient care. As care is taken out of the hospitals, industry players will close hospitals to increase profits and leave more and more communities without full-service acute care hospitals.

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Nurses outside holds signs against patint dumping

Don’t Try This At Home

The national hospital industry is peddling programs to treat acute-care patients in their residences, instead of in the hospital where they belong.

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