CNA/NNOC Retiree Division

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Be an activist: Join the CNA/NNOC Retiree Division

CNA/NNOC’s Retiree Division is a vehicle for you, our members, to remain active and connected to your colleagues as you embark on a new chapter in your life — one of active retirement!

Our organization’s rich history and long list of accomplishments, from winning groundbreaking first-in-the-nation safe staffing ratios to negotiating model contracts with secure retirement and patient protection safeguards, stems from the hard work of our dedicated members. As a result, CNA/NNU is the fastest-growing and most effective all-RN professional union of direct-care nurses in the nation.

We need your help to ensure that the RNs who follow in your footsteps not only continue to enjoy these benefits but also strive to become active participants in our efforts to create a better future for our profession, our patients, and our society. Whether it is joining our speakers bureau to talk with nursing students about the importance of unions in health care, networking with your fellow RNs at a CE class, or sharing your experiences with non-union RNs in the midst of a new organizing campaign, you will make a difference!

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How You Can Get Involved

Our Campaigns for RN Values: Caring, Compassion, and Community
CNA/NNU campaigns address fundamental issues that resonate with RNs and communities – including universal access to health care, achieving economic, racial, and climate justice, and working to equalize income inequalities between Wall Street and Main Street by funding essential needs for all communities including housing, education, and health. Your voice and participation as an RN, and perspective as an active retiree, is a key component of communicating our message.

The Fight for RN Rights in the Workplace
Hospital CEOs work hard to erode the patient care protections and benefits that have taken RNs many rounds of bargaining to win. When this happens, CNA/NNU RNs need to educate surrounding communities on the fight for workplace justice and for help on the picket line.

New Organizing Campaigns
Sharing your CNA/NNOC experience with non-union RNs makes a difference! CNA/NNOC is an affiliate of NNU, the fastest growing union in America, now totaling nearly 225,000 nurse members from every state in the country. Our success is credited to the active involvement and positive experiences of our members in these new organizing campaigns.

Volunteer for Disaster Relief — RNRN
The Registered Nurse Response Network (RNRN) was formed in 2005 as a result of the massive showing of RNs wanting to volunteer help in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Since then, CNA/NNU has sent hundreds of nurses to help victims of disasters across the US and around the world. Deployments can vary from spending weeks in the immediate aftermath of a major disaster to helping for a few hours at a local community first aid tent. You can find out more about RNRN here, and we encourage any interested and actively licensed retired RN to sign up to be available to help when and where it’s needed.

CNA/NNU 101 Presentations to Nursing School Students
Help us inspire the next generation of RN activists by handing down your experience and understanding of CNA/NNOC. We will provide the audiovisuals and you bring your personal stories.

There are many other ways CNA/NNOC retirees can remain actively involved and we are always open to ideas. Please be sure to share your thoughts.

Additional Benefits
Each member of a CNA/NNOC retiree chapter will receive:

  • Free access to CE classes
  • A subscription to our quarterly magazine National Nurse
  • A special edition retiree division scrub
  • Discounts on goods & services through AFL-CIO Union Plus Program
  • Opportunities to socialize and network with other retirees

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