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Jamaal Bowman at NYSNA event

The Most Trusted Profession Trusts Jamaal Bowman for Congress in NY-16

In the face of extraordinary pressure from corporate interests, Jamaal Bowman has shown us time and time again that he will fight for working people. He has our strong and unequivocal endorsement. I urge you to support Jamaal Bowman on Tuesday, June 25th.

Nancy Hagans, RN
June 24, 2024

Group of nurses in march holding signs "Union women are powerful women"

We won’t let them ban our stories

When future students read about the Covid-19 pandemic, nurses want our stories to be emblazoned on those pages. We want our grandchildren to understand the righteous anger we felt, rushing between far too many patients at once — some of them our own dying colleagues — while our employers cut corners on staffing and posted record profits.

February 24, 2024

NNU President Zenei Trunfo-Cortez in Washington, D.C

Celebrating Filipinx nurses

Filipinx registered nurses are an essential part of the labor movement as rank-and-file union members and union leaders. This October as we celebrate their achievements and contributions during Filipinx American History Month, we highlight Zenei Triunfo-Cortez, RN, a national nurse leader who has embodied the essence of union solidarity for decades.

National Nurses United
October 25, 2023

Collage of pictures of Black nurses and their families

Nurses celebrate Juneteenth

Juneteenth is not just a federal holiday. It’s a day of empowerment and transformation of African American lives in this country. It’s important to recognize this day and our contributions to this country.

National Nurses United
June 13, 2023

Graphic of pride flag colored raised fists

For Pride Month, trans and non-binary nurses share the power of solidarity

This Pride Month, National Nurses United is honored to celebrate the history of organized, collective resistance embodied in the LGBTQIA+ liberation movement.

National Nurses United
June 6, 2023

Michelle Gutierrez-Vo, RN

Honoring Filipinx American Nurses in Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month

May is the time to celebrate and acknowledge the achievements of the AAPI nurses in our country. This month we expand the rich history of Filipinx American nurses with stories of RN members of CNA/NNU who are part of that proud tradition.

National Nurses United
May 17, 2023

Mother holding baby on her shoulder

Honoring Mothers Day: In pursuit of reproductive health care justice

The grief of watching eight of her children die before they reached age 7 led Ann Reeves Jarvis to reach out to other women in her poor Appalachian community in the 1850s to organize mothers’ clubs

National Nurses United
May 12, 2023

Nurses holding signs "Safe Staffing Saves Lives"

As the Covid public health emergency declaration comes to an end, here’s what nurses want you to know

On May 11 the Covid public health emergency declaration expired. With this emergency era concluding, have hospital executives learned lessons that will help them better protect patients in a future emergency? Ask any nurse, and you will get a resounding, “No.”

Bonnie Castillo, RN
May 5, 2023

Group of four people all holding CalCare signs

Californians need CalCare, not Sacramento stall tactics

Nurses know that passing legislation to create CalCare is of life-and-death urgency and the most critical step towards guaranteeing health care for all Californians. That’s why we don’t support the approach proposed in SB 770, which would put the bureaucratic cart before the health care horse.

Sandy Reding, RN
April 11, 2023

Large group of nurses inside hospital hold signs "Health care is a human right" with raised fists

How a nurse rallied her union to fight for gender-affirming care

To honor International Transgender Day of Visibility, National Nurses United is proud to share this story from nurse-member Dara Tep, RN, and her colleagues.

National Nurses United
March 30, 2023