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7 Reasons Why ‘Janus v. AFSCME’ Supreme Court Case Threatens Safe Patient Care Across U.S.

1. When hospitals cut corners on spending, they cut corners on human lives. From pushing patients out of the hospital while still ill, to stocking lifesaving supplies at a bare minimum, to having no limit on how many patients they assign to one overwhelmed RN, hospitals often make decisions that are good for profits — and bad for people.

National Nurses United
February 21, 2018
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Opioid exposure a real work risk for nurses

The national opioid epidemic has a very real and direct consequence for registered nurses:

National Nurse Magazine
February 15, 2018

Health Care YES, Insurance Companies NO

Single payer health care’s opponents are beholden

I am a retired registered nurse who worked for 40 years in acute care hospitals. I watched all those years as our health care system morphed into the heath insurance for profit system now in place, which is a disgrace and denies health care access to millions of people, and which often results in death and/or needless stress and suffering.

Times Standard - Letters
February 15, 2018
Janus is Coming! Are You Ready?

Janus is Coming. Are You Ready?

On February 26, ‘Janus v. AFSCME’ threatens to destroy nurses’ ability to advocate for safe patient care, using the power of our collective voice. RNs will not stand by while that happens.

Bonnie Castillo, Director of Health and Safety
February 13, 2018


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Practice What We Preach

Ever stop for a moment and consider what makes a nurse a nurse? Why is what registered nurses do called nursing practice? What are the ramifications to nursing if a nurse in Ohio cares remotely for a patient in Oregon? What does it mean for nursing if family members and unlicensed staff are trained to perform certain functions nurses do? For the 20 RN members of National Nurses United’s Joint Nursing Practice Commission, these are questions they ponder and debate daily.

National Nurse Magazine
February 12, 2018