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Submitted by Administrator on September 25, 2017
Healthcare is a Human Right

It's Time To Move The Healthy California Act ( S.B. 562) Forward!

California has an opportunity to make healthcare a human right and guarantee it to everyone in the Golden State. CNA/NNU Legislative Advocate Stephanie Roberson updates us on the status of S.B. 562 and what you can do to support it.

Pattie Lockard, Nurse Talk Radio
January 8, 2018
Deborah Burger, Co-President of National

Encore of RN and NNU Co-President Deborah Burger's "State of the Nurses Union"

This week we share one of the most critical Nurse Talk Radio interviews of 2017---The State Of The Union with RN and Co-President of National Nurses United, Deborah Burger.

Pattie Lockard, Nurse Talk Radio
December 21, 2017
Sicko cover

Michael Moore's movie SICKO. Ten years later, have things changed?

In 2007 our Senior Healthcare Correspondent and Executive Director of Progressive Democrats of America Donna Smith, appeared in Michael Moore’s groundbreaking documentary about the American Healthc

Pattie Lockard, Nurse Talk Radio
December 20, 2017
RoseAnn DeMoro, Executive Director, National Nurses United

Robbed of our Health

RoseAnn Demoro, Executive DIrector, National Nurses United

RoseAnn DeMoro, Executive Director, National Nurses United
December 15, 2017

RNRN in action

A new year means new opportunities for growth and learning

How is our health affected by the society in which we live? Why are U.S. patients consistently among the sickest in the industrialized world, despite having the highest health expenditure per person? How has the investment of tens of billions of dollars in healthcare technology affected patients and the nursing profession?

National Nurse Magazine
December 15, 2017