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Destruction RNs have witnessed in Puerto Rico

'The People of Puerto Rico Are Dying': Action Is Needed Now

Crowd funding. A Costco Card. The water in a nurse’s own backpack. These are the resources available to volunteer nurses on the ground in Puerto Rico — where 85 percent of the island is still without power and where the official death toll has risen to 48.

Bonnie Castillo, Director of RN Response Network
October 16, 2017


Puerto Rico

RN Cathy Kennedy Talks With Nurse Talk Radio On The Eve Of Her Departure To Puerto Rico

Nurse Talk Radio spoke with RN Cathy Kennedy on the evening prior to her departure to Puerto Rico.

Pattie Lockard, Nurse Talk Radio
October 4, 2017

Nurse Talk


Heeding the Call: Nurses join AFL-CIO Humanitarian Mission to Aid Puerto Rico

As great challenges and opportunities often do, the call came last Friday afternoon: The country’s largest labor organization, the AFL-CIO, was coordinating with the Puerto Rican Federation of Labor and the mayor of San Juan to send more than 200 healthcare, transportation, and construction volunteers on a two-week humanitarian mission to aid Puerto Rico.

Registered Nurse Response Network
October 3, 2017



A Conversation With Consumer Advocate And Author Wendell Potter

This week we had the pleasure of having Wendell Potter with us. Wendell talks with us about his 2009 epiphany, his books and now his new project Tarbell.

Pattie Lockard, Nurse Talk Radio
October 2, 2017

Nancy Altman President of Social Security Works, "Graham Cassidy would destroy Medicaid"

Nurse Talk Radio visits with Nancy Altman, President of Social Security Works about yet another disastrous healthcare replacement bill. The Graham Cassidy bill is worse than its predecessors and must be stopped.

Pattie Lockard, Nurse Talk Radio
September 25, 2017