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The doctor is NOT in

The slippery slope for patients, nurses, and doctors posed by robots in healthcare. For patients needing dialysis or care for acute kidney failure, there’s a new doctor in the nephrology ward at St. Joseph Hospital in Eureka, Calif. Meet the doc on a stick. It’s not a scene from “Star Trek” or the latest X-box video game. And, like the smooth-sounding, but ominous “Hal” computer running the spaceship in “2001: A Space Odyssey,” those side effects might be a killer.

National Nurse Magazine

Nurse outside The Whitehouse holding signs "Stop Ebola Now"

Ebola Preparedness – What National Nurses United Won in California

The state of California, at the insistence of registered nurses, has set an Ebola safety standard for the nation. CNA/NNU has defeated efforts by the hospital industry to limit the protection of nurses to the voluntary, unenforceable guidelines put forth by the Centers for Disease Control. Instead, we have collectively ensured an optimal standard for personal protective equipment and respiratory protection that will enable nurses to safely treat Ebola patients.

National Nurses United

Standing On Our Own Shoulders

Year 15 of the new millennium opened with a most momentous achievement for registered nurses and patients – a precedent-setting agreement in the largest RN contract in the nation, for 18,000 Kaiser Permanente RNs and NPs that will likely raise the bar for nurses from coast to coast. The new pact could not have been realized without the unified determination of Kaiser nurses, with the broad support of other RNs and our unparalleled organization, to defend the role of nurses and their professional expertise as patient advocates.

RoseAnn DeMoro

The ACA Survives for Now, But We Still Don’t Have Real Healthcare Reform

Perhaps the best window to the top winners in the Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act could be seen 200 miles up the road, on Wall Street.

National Nurses United

Basic Information on the Zika Virus

Zika is currently locally transmitted in 28 countries and territories in North and South America. The CDC is constantly updating the list of areas affected by the virus.

National Nurses United

What goes on behind and in front of closed doors? Democratic National Convention

What's going on behind and in front of closed doors before the Democratic National Convention? ALOT! Nurses and progressive groups are still fighting for a platform that includes "Medicare for All" and other issues such as anti TPP.

Pattie Lockard, Nurse Talk Radio

People’s Rally Converges in D.C. to Celebrate TPP Defeat, Chart Path ‘Forward Together’

“I don’t care if you’re a Clinton supporter, a Trump supporter or a Bernie supporter—we are a movement. It’s not about who’s in the White House; it’s about who’s in the streets,” NNU Executive Director RoseAnn DeMoro told a crowd of thousands gathered in Washington D.C. today.

National Nurses United

On Workers Memorial Day, April 28, Nurses Vow to Keep Fighting for The Highest Level of Protections

On Workers Memorial Day, we pay homage to all of the nurses and other workers whose stories highlight the importance of standing up—strong, loud, and as long as necessary—to secure the highest level of protections to keep workers safe.

National Nurses United

ASL Strategic Value Fund Sends Letter to Community Health Systems, Inc. Board of Directors

ASL Strategic Value Fund has been a long-term investor in Community Health Systems (CYH: NYSE). We have attempted on several occasions to contact management to voice our concerns about recent operating results. Unfortunately, none of our phone calls were returned. We now feel obligated to reach out directly to the Board of Directors.

Business Wire

RNRN volunteer Betty Woods at a homeless encampment in Puerto Rico

Nurses Returning from Second Puerto Rico Mission Call Any Removal of FEMA Aid ‘Premature and Deadly’

Puerto Rico cannot go back to a ‘normal’ economy when patients have not received the necessary help they need to go back to any kind of ‘normal’ life.

Bonnie Castillo, Director of Health and Safety and Registered Nurse Response Network