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Retreat, Surrender, Can He At Least Plead?

The headlines came quickly after President Obama concluded the deficit-debt deal with the Republicans Sunday evening. There were few shades of gray. The New York Times editorial was titled "To Escape Chaos, a Terrible Deal: Democrats won almost nothing they wanted except avoiding default."

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Statement by Karen Higgins, RN, Co-President NNU

As a Registered Nurse for [32] years, I have seen the struggles of patients, particularly women, to access the care they need. Skyrocketing out of pocket costs, restrictions on network providers, and coverage limitations can keep my patients from receiving treatment in a timely fashion, ultimately compromising their health and costing all of us dearly.

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The Patient as Profit Center

Why would a company pay an estimated $10 million for access to a patient population? Not the brick and mortar of facility building, nor its machines, computers or other hardware? The answer: the billing opportunity. This is the business model of DaVita, Inc., a Colorado-based for-profit healthcare company that owns and operates more than 1,800 clinics across the U.S.—and some in foreign countries, too.

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Robin Hood actions say 'No to Cuts, Tax Wall Street to Spark Recovery'

Outside the district office of Rep. Charles Rangel, Robin Hood Tax Campaigners from National Nurses United (NNU) and Health GAP found an engaged audience today. These residents of New York’s Harlem are wondering when the recovery will arrive. Their neighborhoods are a mix of shuttered brownstones and half-empty condos, a sign of the realty speculation that somehow, someway never brought decent, affordable housing to Manhattan’s northern-most community.

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NURSE TALK RADIO: Win for Chicago RNs and National Nurses United!

Registered nurses at Jackson Park Hospital and Medical Center on Chicago’s South Side reached an agreement with hospital officials on their first ever collective bargaining contract that includes significant improvements in patient care protections.

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NURSE TALK RADIO: Massachusetts Nurses Take “Safe Staffing” to the People!

Massachusetts Nurses Association President, Donna Kelly Williams RN talks about a newly sponsored ballot measure campaign to fight for patient safety and protection.

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NURSE TALK RADIO: NNU's Michael Lighty talks about the need for a Robin Hood Tax on Wall St.

TUNE IN--It’s time for the Robin Hood Tax! And Michael Lighty, Director of Public Policy for California Nurses Association/National Nurses United gives us all the right reasons why the U.S. should join over 17 European countries who have already implemented the fractional tax. Tune into this sensible discussion. For more information about the Robin Hood Tax visit

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RNs and Community: Vote YES for Patient Care!

Memorial Medical Center RNs speak out: YES for CNA. With support from their Sutter colleagues at Tracy, Eden, Alta Bates Summit, Delta, Roseville, CPMC Pacific, St. Luke’s; and from Bakersfield Memorial, Children’s Hospital of Oakland, St. Rose, St. Joseph’s, Doctor’s Medical in Modesto & Kaiser Modesto. Community groups and labor allies support RNs organizing for a voice and safer patient care

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Settlement Ends Kaiser-RN Dispute: 18,000 RNs Win Stronger Patient Care Voice, Workplace Protections

With a settlement that is likely to elevate RN standards across the nation, California Nurses Association/National Nurses announced a major tentative contract agreement for 18,000 California RNs who work at Kaiser Permanente hospitals and clinics. The deal will give the RNs a stronger voice on patient care, and breakthrough improvements in workplace protections.

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Sen Sanders Joins Forces with Nurses and Students, Introduces ”College For All Act”

The Robin Hood Tax swooped into America’s national spotlight when presidential contender Sen. Bernie Sanders joined with National Nurses United and student groups in Washington, D.C. at a press conference today to announce his introduction of two Senate bills - the College for All Act and the Robin Hood tax bill

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