Racial Justice Videos and Images

What is your 4th of July?

Actor and activist Brian Jones reads an excerpt from a speech originally given by abolitionist Frederick Douglass on July 5, 1852, entitled “What to the Slave Is the Fourth of July?”

Jones' rendition was part of The People Speak, performed in Chicago in 2016, Directed by Anthony Arnove. The People Speak is a set of dramatic readings of selected testimonies—speeches, letters, poems, songs, petitions, and manifestos—of people throughout U.S. history who struggled against slavery, racism, war, oppression, and exploitation, and who articulated a vision for a better world. The People Speak was inspired by Howard Zinn’s legendary book A People’s History of the United States.

Solidarity with Juneteenth West Coast Port Shutdown


In celebration of Juneteenth today, workers have shut down almost 30 ports across the west coast. CNA President Zenei Cortez has this message of solidarity from the nurses, and a call to redirect funding from the bloated budgets of police departments into much needed health care, mental health programs, and education.

Frontline Nurses’ Report: COVID-19 (June 17, 2020)


In this installment of Frontline Nurses Report, National Nurses United Vice President Cathy Kennedy, RN, joins forces with NNU President Zenei Cortez to talk about racial health disparities.

Protest Guidelines To Reduce Risk

There are inherent health risks in protesting amidst a pandemic, but we know that the risks of systemic racial and economic injustice outweigh the dangers for many. If you choose to participate, here are some safe ways to do so.

You can download a PDF of the guidelines here.

Nurses Say: Black Lives Matter - Image Gallery

Nurses Say: Black Lives Matter

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Nurses are raising our voices high and loud to counter the idea that some lives are of less importance than others. Black Lives Matter.