NNOC Program Details

Direct-Care Nurse Control

  • An elected, all direct-care nurse board of directors will set policy for the NNOC.
  • Each NNOC organization will have proportional representation on the NNOC Board of Directors.
  • CNA will share its resources, experience and expertise to help expand the national movement, and support new members.

Collective Bargaining and Effective Professional Representation

  • Improved contracts with better salaries
  • Enhanced patient care conditions
  • Retirement security
  • Protection and expansion of health benefits
  • An end to workplace abuses such as mandatory overtime and unsafe floating

A Direct-Care Nurse Voice in the Legislature and Regulatory Arena

  • State and national RN-to-patient staffing ratio legislation modeled after the landmark California law.
  • An assertive voice in every state to challenge industry attempts to restructure patient-care delivery and erode RN professional practice.
  • State and national legislation to ban mandatory overtime.
  • Restoring a healthcare system that is based on public health and patient need, not on corporate profits.
  • Genuine national healthcare reform premised on universal coverage and a single standard of care for all.

Nursing Practice and Effective Collective Patient Advocacy

  • Action-oriented education to bring a genuine patient advocacy, direct-care RN voice to patient protection initiatives in all arenas and practice settings.
  • Promotion of excellence in nursing practice and protection of RN scope of practice.
  • Recognition that RN working conditions are closely entwined with standards of care and patient advocacy.

Building RN Power through New Organizing

  • Aggressive campaigns in every state to organize all non-union RNs, to protect contract standards, and improve conditions for all RNs and patients.

A National Network of Direct-Care RNs, Supported by CNA's Experience and Expertise to:

  • Improve RN workplace standards through collective bargaining to assure RNs have compensation that recognizes professional skills, and a retirement that provides dignity for our families after a lifetime of caring for others.
  • Secure passage of state and national legislation for RN staffing ratios and other basic protections for RNs and patients, and meaningful healthcare reform based on a single standard of care for all.
  • Block hospital industry efforts to undermine RN professional practice in legislatures, regulatory agencies, boards of nursing and at the bedside.
  • Receive assistance to organize your colleagues at your hospital and other acute-care hospitals in your area to help protect the profession, and make a difference for yourselves and your patients. 

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