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Submitted by Administrator on September 25, 2017
Group of healthcare workers outisde hopsital hold signs "Safe Staffing Now"

Palomar RNs and caregivers hold informational picket to demand prioritizing patient safety

RNs and caregivers will hold an informational picket on Tuesday, Nov. 16 to call on Palomar to support a series of proposals aimed at improving staffing levels and strengthening safe patient care conditions.

California Nurses Association/Caregivers and Healthcare Employees Union
November 15, 2021


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Kaiser nurses to hold 24-hour sympathy strike Nov. 19 in solidarity with Kaiser engineers

Kaiser nurses will hold a 24-hour sympathy strike in solidarity with IUOE Stationary Engineers, Local 39 from 7 a.m. on Friday, Nov. 19 to 7 a.m. on Saturday, Nov. 20.

California Nurses Association
November 11, 2021

Nurses outside The White House holding signs calling for nurse, patient, and public safety

Nurses urge rapid implementation of recommendations by President Biden’s Covid-19 Health Equity Task Force

RNs call on Biden administration and Congress to take action to end the pandemic, address structural racism, and prevent future pandemics.

National Nurses United
November 10, 2021


Nurses outside St. Mary Apple Valley hospital holding signs calling for nurse and patient safety

St. Mary Apple Valley nurses protest new hospital policy that jeopardizes safety of patients, coworkers, and community by pressuring nurses to work sick

Nurses will hold a picket to protest a new punitive attendance policy that will jeopardize the safety of their patients, coworkers, and community.

California Nurses Association
November 9, 2021


Tell Kaiser >> Don't leave patients home all alone!

Kaiser nurses condemn new “Home All Alone” patient-dumping scheme designed to maximize profits by sacrificing safe patient care

Kaiser registered nurses will hold informational pickets on Wednesday, Nov. 10 to warn the public against Kaiser’s unsafe, new “Home All Alone” patient-dumping scheme that sends patients in need of hospitalization back home.

California Nurses Association/National Nurses United
November 8, 2021