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Submitted by Administrator on September 25, 2017
MedStar nurses hold signs "We are not expendable"

MedStar Washington Nurses Demand Optimal PPE and Denounce as Unsafe the Battelle So-called “Decontamination” Process

Registered nurses at MedStar Washington Hospital Center (MWHC) will hold a press conference Thursday, July 23 to demand that optimal PPE be provided to the RNs and that the hospital abandons the Battelle so-called “decontamination” process for N95 respirators which leads to the use of unsanitary and soiled masks. The hospital is also not meeting the testing needs of its staff and has other infection control deficiencies, said nurses.

National Nurses United
July 22, 2020
Nurses hold "COVID-19 checklist" signs outside Fawcett Memorial

Fawcett Memorial RNs to Sound Alarm On Unsafe Conditions as Virus Surges

Registered nurses at HCA’s Fawcett Memorial who have been grappling with dangerous levels of inadequate staffing while the coronavirus pandemic rocks Florida and their hospital, will hold a public action Thursday to alert the public and demand the hospital act to protect patients.

National Nurses Organizing Committee/National Nurses United
July 22, 2020
Nurses vigil

Summit Nurses Hold Vigil For Nurse Who Died Of COVID-19

On Tuesday, July 21, registered nurses will hold a vigil at Sutter Alta Bates Summit Medical Center in Oakland, to remember their colleague Janine Paiste-Ponder, RN, who recently died of COVID-19, the California Nurses Association (CNA) announced today. Paiste-Ponder had been a member of CNA for more than 25 years.

California Nurses Association
July 21, 2020
Nurses hold "Protect Nurses" signs

San Jose RNs to Raise Concerns Over COVID-19 Testing Failures to County Supervisors

Registered Nurses from HCA and Kaiser Permanente hospitals in San Jose will address the virtual Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday morning to voice their alarm over failure by their hospital administrations to prioritize COVID-19 testing for frontline caregivers exposed to the virus that they warn is exacerbating the pandemic crisis.

California Nurses Association
July 20, 2020
Nurse holds sign "Racism is a public health crisis"

Chinese Hospital Nurses to Hold Action to Protest Racism as a Public Health Crisis

Registered nurses at Chinese Hospital will assemble and be available to media at Portsmouth Square in San Francisco to highlight the connection between racism and public health.

California Nurses Association/National Nurses United
July 18, 2020