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Nurses in wake of protests: ‘Weapons of war have no place in a caring society’

National Nurses United statement on use of warlike weapons on protestors

In the wake of the recent police

National Nurses United
June 5, 2020
HCA’s Mission Hospital in Asheville, NC

Mission Hospital RNs Slam HCA

Registered nurses at HCA’s Mission Hospital in Asheville, NC today called on HCA to end efforts to block a democratic vote by nurses on forming a union, including a new demand that would put nurses at risk.

National Nurses Organizing Committee/National Nurses United
June 5, 2020
HCA and Regional Medical Center of San Jose

Santa Clara County Warns HCA that Regional Hospital May be Jeopardizing its Trauma Status

Santa Clara County has informed HCA and Regional Medical Center of San Jose (RMC) that it may be jeopardizing its Level II Trauma designation agreement with the county as a result of its closure last weekend of its maternal-child health services.

California Nurses Association
June 4, 2020
nurses holding signs

Nurses Join Forces Nationally to Warn Against Early Reopening

As COVID-19 cases continue to climb in the United States, unions representing 230,000 nurses across the country have joined forces to demand hospitals and the government follow strict guidelines before any further reopening measures are taken.

National Nurses United
June 2, 2020
Justice for George Floyd protest

National Nurses United's Statement on Protests and Systemic Racism ‘Stop Blaming Underlying Health Conditions and Comorbidities’

Following a weekend of nationwide protests, National Nurses United (NNU) today said the nation is long overdue in confronting the systemic racism that is at the heart of much of the current crisis and long overdue in dedicating itself to fundamental reforms.

National Nurses United
June 1, 2020