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With nurses on the outside, Allina CEO focuses her attention on the real issues: Health Catalyst

It’s been well reported that Allina Health, a $3.9-billion nonprofit healthcare organization, “invested” $108 million in Health Catalyst, a private for-profit technology company. As part of the deal, Allina is outsourcing its “data warehousing, analytics, performance improvement technology, and personnel to Health Catalyst.”

Mathew Keller, RN JD Regulatory and Policy Nursing Specialist

The Precautionary Principle is Paramount

More than two years after the West African Ebola outbreak panicked the globe, Ebola news made headlines again when researchers found evidence suggesting that the deadly virus lingers in people’s lungs.

Bonnie Castillo, RN, Director of RN Response Network and Health & Safety at NNU

Inspired By Her Union Activism RN Dotty Nygard Runs For Congress In California

Dotty Nygard is an Emergency Room RN and she's running for Congress in California's 10th district. Nurse Talk Radio visits with Dotty this week.

Pattie Lockard, Nurse Talk Radio

Heeding the Call: Nurses join AFL-CIO Humanitarian Mission to Aid Puerto Rico

As great challenges and opportunities often do, the call came last Friday afternoon: The country’s largest labor organization, the AFL-CIO, was coordinating with the Puerto Rican Federation of Labor and the mayor of San Juan to send more than 200 healthcare, transportation, and construction volunteers on a two-week humanitarian mission to aid Puerto Rico.

Registered Nurse Response Network

Our Union. Our Rights. Our Patients.

7 Reasons Why ‘Janus v. AFSCME’ Supreme Court Case Threatens Safe Patient Care Across U.S.

1. When hospitals cut corners on spending, they cut corners on human lives. From pushing patients out of the hospital while still ill, to stocking lifesaving supplies at a bare minimum, to having no limit on how many patients they assign to one overwhelmed RN, hospitals often make decisions that are good for profits — and bad for people.

National Nurses United

Nurses demand climate action

Nurses' statement on Trump administration’s so-called “Affordable Clean Energy” rule

National Nurses United condemns the Trump Administration’s callous and ill-advised effort to undo the historic Clean Power Plan of 2015 that seeks to reduce toxic carbon pollution from power plants

National Nurses United

What Nurses Really Wants

This Nurses Week, all the pizza in the world won’t make up for our employers’ lack of respect

Each year, there’s a special week to honor America’s most trusted profession: nurses! We become nurses because it’s our calling, and we do it for our patients, not for accolades. But we also know that the oath we take to help and heal all people — is constantly hindered by employers who cut corners to boost profits. And that makes management’s “We appreciate you!” box of Krispy Kremes during Nurses Week fall a bit flat.

Bonnie Castillo , Executive Director of National Nurses United

The War on Women's Health

By Deborah Burger, RN and Co-President National Nurses United. The far right and their representatives in Congress and many state houses sure have a unique way of celebrating the centennial anniversary of International Women's Day. News that the Texas House of Representatives last week approved a bill, already passed by the state Senate, to force women seeking an abortion to first get an ultrasound test is one of a number of attacks on women's health in the works.

Huffington Post

Ideological Inebriation on Capitol Hill

Legislating while under the influence of ideological inebriation is not yet a statutory offense. It is only a multi-directional menace to much of what anxious Americans hold dear for themselves and their children. The dominant Republicans in Congress – both the new and many of the longer-term incumbents – are in heat.

In The Public Interest

As Court Showdown Nears, Our Healthcare System Still a Mess

Commentary from Rose Ann DeMoro, Executive Director, National Nurses United, AFL-CIO and California Nurses Association, published by Huffington Post.

Huffington Post