Know Your Rights!

Know Your Rights

Are you or loved one seeking treatment at John Hopkins?

Did you know that you could qualify for free or reduced-cost care?

Hopkins receives millions of dollars from the state of Maryland every year to provide free or reduced-cost care to low and moderate-income patients. Patients whose family income falls below certain levels have a legal right under Maryland law to financial assistance, called charity care, that pays for all or part of their medical bills. In the past Hopkins has made it difficult for patients to access this assistance. This brochure will ensure that you know your rights and receive the charity care and financial assistance you and your family members may have a right to.


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Rally at Johns Hopkins Hospital against medical debt - July 20, 2019

Caravan and Speak out Tuesday calls for official end to Johns Hopkins’ practice of suing patients over medical debt

Coalition for a Humane Hopkins, in addition to Johns Hopkins University students and Baltimore community advocates, on Tuesday, Sept. 15 will hold a caravan and speak out to urge Johns Hopkins Hospital to formally commit to ending its controversial practice of suing patients over medical debt.

National Nurses Organizing Committee/National Nurses United
September 14, 2020

Woman holds sign "Stop suing patients and families"

Bills introduced to protect patients by reforming Maryland’s epidemic of medical debt lawsuits

Annapolis, Md. – In early February, Maryland state legislators, working with registered nurses, community activists, and consumer advocates, introduced bills in both the Senate and House of Delegates to reform current practices of hospitals suing low-income patients for medical bills that they likely qualify for financial help to pay.

National Nurses United
February 18, 2020

People holding signs calling for pilot renogotiation

Rally and Public Hearing on Major Non-profits PILOT Agreement

The Coalition for a Humane Hopkins will hold a rally in front of City Hall Thursday, Dec. 19, calling on Mayor Young to reopen and renegotiate the city’s 2016 “Non-profit Assessment Agreement” with 15 of Baltimore’s major non-profit hospitals, colleges and universities, including Johns Hopkins Hospital and the University of Maryland Medical Center.

National Nurses United & Coalition for a Humane Hopkins
December 16, 2019

John Hopkins Hospital

Action at City Hall Today Calling on Mayor Young to Guarantee Baltimore’s Major Non-profits Pay Their Fair Share

The Coalition for a Human Hopkins will deliver a letter to Mayor Young in front of City Hall today calling on him to renegotiate the 2016 “Non-profit Assessment Agreement,” the city made with 15 of Baltimore’s major non-profit hospitals, colleges and universities including Johns Hopkins Hospital...

National Nurses United
October 21, 2019

Know Your Rights

Coalition for a Humane Hopkins Launches “Know Your Rights” Effort to Inform Patients of Eligibility for Financial Assistance

This week the Coalition for a Human Hopkins launched a grassroots initiative to inform patients if they are eligible for reduced cost or free health care at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

National Nurses United
October 16, 2019

Hopkins RNs Unite!

As Johns Hopkins Hospital keeps up union busting the National Labor Relations Board steps in.

Last month we shared the story of RN’s from Johns Hopkins Hospital declaring their intent to organize a union with National Nurses United, the nation’s largest organization of Registered Nurses.

Pattie Lockard, Nurse Talk Radio

Johns Hopkins Hospital

Johns Hopkins Hospital hounds poor patients over 0.03 percent of revenue

Johns Hopkins Hospital sicced collections attorneys on thousands of patients over the past decade, often taking extraordinary measures to extract payment from patients who probably owed no money at

Alan Pyke, ThinkProgress
May 20, 2019

Patient at clinic

Black Patients Disproportionately Impacted by Johns Hopkins’ Medical Debt Lawsuits

The Johns Hopkins Hospital has targeted low-income and African American patients in thousands of lawsuits for unpaid medical bills, a new

Nicole Rojas, The North Star
May 18, 2019