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Submitted by Administrator on September 25, 2017

Memo to the politicians - cutting corporate taxes won't create jobs

To listen to the rhetoric that has stained so much of the 2010 campaign season, you'd think the biggest problems facing our nation are excessive government spending, workers' pensions, and inadequate tax breaks for corporations and wealthy Americans. But countering this conventional wisdom, seldom questioned by most of the press, is made much harder by the reticence of even many liberals to challenge these assumptions.
October 29, 2010

Whitman attacks nurses in Kos ad

Kos readers in California may have been startled to see banner ads today from someone who you can bet does not start out her mornings booting up her computer to read the latest blogs on Kos -- Meg Whitman. In one large ad, Whitman attacks nurses and the California Nurses Association for our challenge to her candidacy -- and our portrayal of her as the arrogant "Queen Meg." The ad links to a website her well-heeled consultants have created attacking CNA and nurses, recycling the greatest hits from the union busting crowd. She also has another ad on Kos attacking Jerry Brown.
September 1, 2010

"You are not to hire any Filipinos"

Here's how things work all too often in our "post-racial" society: one of California's largest medical systems, Sutter Health/CPMC, has apparently enacted a ban on the hiring of Filipino registered nurses at a major San Francisco hospital.
August 19, 2010

What Else Whitman Could Have Done with Her $100 Million Spending Spree

Amidst the nation's worst economic recession since the Great Depression, and continuing problems in California with healthcare, education funding, home foreclosures, and lack of jobs, how do you explain the obscene and wasteful spending by candidate Meg Whitman in her campaign to buy the governor's office.
August 3, 2010

Queen Meg: Culture-Jamming Whitman

If this were a monarchy, Meg Whitman's $1.7 billion Wall Street fortune would make her rich enough to rule. Fortunately, we live in a democracy and candidates like Whitman, the billionare corporate CEO seeking to become Governor of California, remain reliant on the votes of the very people they fleeced.
June 2, 2010