Course Descriptions

Fall 2021 (September-December) course offerings:

  • Women’s Global Health Movements
  • Debt, Crisis, and Women’s Health
  • The Global Pharmaceutical Economy and Health

  • Women’s Global Health Movements

    How do advocates for healthy societies organize, work together and advance social and health justice? As part of a longstanding global social movement, women leaders have historically helped to create healthier and more dignified societies. This class investigates the role of women leaders in global movements for health and justice. Students will gain a better understanding of how the contemporary global political-economic context both constrains health activists and offers opportunities for transformative change.

  • Debt, Crisis, and Women’s Health

    Why has debt become the binding glue of the 21st century global economy and how does debt adversely affect health? This class explores the economic and social roots of debt and the resulting economic and public health crises it produces. Students will explore structural alternatives to debts and begin envisioning an economy less marked by crisis.

  • The Global Pharmaceutical Economy and Health

    The pharmaceutical industrial complex (Big Pharma) threatens global public health with profit-motivated research and uncontrolled pricing. This class interrogates the political-economic context in which Big Pharma has evolved and the ethical implications of market-based health care. It prepares students to advocate for research and fair distribution of life-saving medicines as a necessary component of an equitable healthcare system.

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