Four nurses inside hospital hold signs "Patients First"

Reno Saint Mary’s nurses to hold silent vigil to honor patients, community, colleagues

The vigil comes less than a week after Saint Mary’s announced its plans to terminate Maternal Child Health services, displacing patients who need those vital services and nurses who work in the units caring for those patients.

California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee
November 16, 2022


Shooting victim Kurt Fowler

Las Vegas shooting victims struggle to afford mounting medical costs

Kurt Fowler and his wife, Trina, were celebrating their 18th wedding anniversary at a country music festival when the shooting started.

Anna Gorman, Kaiser Health News @CNNMoney
October 27, 2017


Populist Poposals Remind Why Nurses Trust Bernie Sanders to Heal America

In recent days, the Democratic Party establishment has stepped up efforts to freeze the momentum for Sen. Bernie Sanders, pressing Democratic Party office holders, who are also convention super delegates, to get in line and trying to create an impression that the contest is over.

RoseAnn DeMoro, via The Huffington Post
October 31, 2015


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