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Submitted by Administrator on September 25, 2017

National Nurses United launches premiere Health & Safety Division

Recently, National Nurses United launched the Nurses Health & Safety Campaign. This project is a network of nurses and allies, committed to collectively advocating for nurse health and safety.

Pattie Lockard, Nurse Talk Radio

Nurses, Labor Unions and Others Celebrate Defeat of TPP!

RN and Co-President of National Nurses United, Deborah Burger joins us this week to talk about the People’s Rally that converged in D.C. to celebrate the defeat of the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) and chart a path ‘Forward Together’.

Pattie Lockard, Nurse Talk Radio
November 22, 2016

RN's Volunteer at the Dakota Access Pipeline Construction Site

RN and Nursing Practice and Safety Specialist for National Nurses United, De Ann McEwen, talks with Nurse Talk Radio about the Registered Nurses Response Network.

Pattie Lockard, Nurse Talk Radio
October 25, 2016

National Nurses United Supports Colorado Single Payer Amendment

Nurses and over 200 other organizations are supporting Colorado Amendment 69, single payer healthcare for all Coloradans.

Pattie Lockard, Nurse Talk Radio
October 10, 2016

Tough Pill To Swallow. Why you should vote YES on Prop 61

New study sites price gouging trends by BIG PHARMA will continue. Director of Government Relations for California Nurses Association/National Nurses United, Don Nielsen, talks about California's Proposition 61.

Pattie Lockard, Nurse Talk Radio
October 3, 2016