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CNA represents some 100,000 Registered Nurses at more than 200 facilities. CNA’s collective bargaining program provides RNs with the legal authority and power to engage in patient advocacy actions on a collective basis with a unified voice.

CNA labor representatives work closely with the Nurse Representatives and Professional Practice Committee (PPC) from the facility to monitor and resolve unsafe practices and contract compliance.

CNA Represented Hospitals

Scab Agencies

Travel nurses beware!

The following "scab registries" make a profit by providing scabs to employers who are trying to break strikes by registered nurses. This kind of nurse strike breaking always leads to diminished patient care at the facility and is always a blow to the creation of a national nurse movement. They may keep you in the dark about what kind of assignment you’re going to receive, or how difficult it will be.
Please support your fellow RNs by refusing to accept contracts at facilities on strike, or from the following agencies with a history of strike-breaking:

  • Advanced Clinical Employment Staffing (ACES)
  • Crisis Nurse
  • Health Source Global Staffing
  • Healthcare Contingency Staffing Services, Inc.
  • Huffmaster Crisis Management
  • Modern Industrial Services
  • Modern Staffing & Security Consultants, Inc.
  • Nurse Bridge
  • TravelMax
  • US Nursing/ US Nursing Corp