Nurses to Send Off the #BernieBus from Los Angeles

‘The Most Trusted Profession Trusts Bernie’. If voters in the early primary states have not yet seen that message now posted on select billboards in states like Nevada and Iowa, they’ll soon be able to see it rolling by on wheels. The bus will bring nurses to meet with community groups, students, and other supporters and voters.

National Nurses United
January 4, 2016

Sutter Roseville, Tracy RNs Approve New Pacts

Registered nurses at two more Sutter hospitals, Sutter Roseville Medical Center and Sutter Tracy Tuesday voted to approve new collective bargaining agreements with the big Northern California hospital chain that provide for economic gains, and for Tracy RNs, their first ever union contract.

California Nurses Association
December 23, 2015

Holiday Cheer in Auburn RNs at Sutter Auburn Faith Approve New Pact

Registered nurses at Sutter Auburn Faith voted by 96% Monday to approve a new four year contract agreement that will provide substantial economic gains while rebuffing hospital demands for cuts in health coverage, the California Nurses Association/National Nurses United announced today. RNs at Sutter Roseville and Sutter Tracy are voting on new contract proposals today. The pacts cover 1,000 RNs at Sutter Roseville, 340 RNs at Sutter Auburn Faith and some 200 RNs at Sutter Tracy, who are among 7,000 RNs represented by CNA at Sutter hospitals. Tracy RNs are voting on their first ever collective bargaining contract.

California Nurses Association
December 22, 2015

Most Trusted Profession

The Most Trusted Profession - Nurses Once Again Top Poll

"With an 85 percent honesty and ethics rating – tying their high point – nurses have no serious competition atop Gallup ranking this year." That's the conclusion of the Gallup's annual ranking of how Americans view 21 major professions - the 16th time in the 17 years, and 14 years in a row, that Gallup has surveyed public opinion on what profession is most trusted.

National Nurses United
December 21, 2015

Nurses Blast DNC Attack on Sanders Campaign Warn of Long-Term Consequences for Next November

National Nurses United today condemned what it called “the latest blatant effort by the Democratic National Committee to rig the primary process” in its decision to bar the campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders access to a critical master list of Democratic voters.

National Nurses United
December 18, 2015