NNU's #Berniebus Zooms Into Chicago For Early Voting

The National Nurses United (NNU) #BernieBus debuts in Chicago as Sen. Bernie Sanders and the rest of the Reclaim Chicago slate gear up for the March 15, 2016 primary.

Reclaim Chicago
March 3, 2016

Today Nurses #BernieBus Arrives in Wisconsin

Nurses aboard National Nurses United’s #BernieBus, which has been driving through early voting and Super Tuesday states across the U.S., will pay its first visit to Wisconsin, Wednesday, March 2, to conduct voter outreach in support of Sen. Bernie Sanders in the lead up to the state's April 5th primary.

National Nurses United
March 2, 2016

With Sanders Winning Three States on Super Tuesday, Nurses Endorse Call for 50 Strategy

On the heels of a Super Tuesday election in which Sen. Bernie Sanders beat Hillary Clinton 3-2 in states that voted Democratic in the last two general elections, National Nurses United, the first national organization to endorse Sen. Bernie Sanders, heartily endorsed Sanders pledge made to voters and the media to carry the message of his campaign to voters in all 50 states.

National Nurses United
March 2, 2016

Nurses on the #BernieBus get out the Georgia vote for Bernie Sanders on Super Tuesday

This Super Tuesday, National Nurses United registered nurse members from across the country are busy getting out the vote for Bernie Sanders in Atlanta, Ga., working with local union members to canvass and phone bank.

National Nurses United
March 1, 2016

Today NLRB Trial Against Mega Chain Community Health Systems Begins in Cleveland, Ohio

On Monday, Feb. 29, the National Labor Relations Board trial against mega hospital chain Community Health Systems begins in Cleveland, Oh.

National Nurses United
February 29, 2016