RNRN second deployment to Puerto Rico

Nurses Back from Puerto Rico Say FEMA Aid Must Continue For Foreseeable Future

Nurse volunteers who just returned from National Nurses United (NNU)’s second disaster relief mission to Puerto Rico said today that conditions on the ground remain dire, and that it is imperative that the Trump Administration and Congress not just continue to provide critical aid, but sharply step up the effort.

RNRN - Registered Nurse Response Network
January 31, 2018


Puerto Rico


IV bag

Hospitals face critical shortage of IV bags due to Puerto Rico hurricane

Hurricane Maria crippled a key maker of fluid bags, and as ‘wellness’ clinics pay a 600% markup, hospitals unable to afford them scramble to make do without

Julia Carrie Wong writing for The Guardian
January 10, 2018


Puerto Rico


RNRN volunteer Betty Woods at a homeless encampment in Puerto Rico

Nurses Returning from Second Puerto Rico Mission Call Any Removal of FEMA Aid ‘Premature and Deadly’

Puerto Rico cannot go back to a ‘normal’ economy when patients have not received the necessary help they need to go back to any kind of ‘normal’ life.

Bonnie Castillo, Director of Health and Safety and Registered Nurse Response Network
February 6, 2018


Puerto Rico