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Hand holding sign "Safe Staffing Saves Lives"

Chicago nurses hold protest for patient safety

Registered nurses at the University of Chicago Medical Center in Chicago, will hold an action to highlight their patient safety concerns including short-staffing, RN and other staff vacancies, and lack of educational resources create unsafe patient care conditions.

National Nurses Organizing Committee/National Nurses United
September 13, 2022



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California is rolling back protections for frontline workers. This is wrong and dangerous

As California struggles with record infections, hospitalizations and deaths, it’s hard to imagine that hospital industry executives, with the cooperation of state regulators, would come up with a plan to make conditions worse. Sadly, they have.

Zenei Cortez
December 28, 2020


Nurses outside hospital hold signs "Keep nurses and patients safe"

'Treat us better': Nurses flee hospital jobs because working conditions aren't safe

Nurses are unwilling to risk their licenses or their patients’ lives by working in unsafe conditions.

Bonnie Castillo, Executive Director of National Nurses United
October 11, 2021