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Activists to Convene June 17-19 in Chicago to Step Up the Movement

Progressive and community leaders and activists from across the U.S. will gather in Chicago June 17-19 for a People’s Summit called in part to continue the momentum and movement building associated with the ongoing Bernie Sanders campaign as well as community organizing on progressive issues that has been underway with less media fanfare around the nation for years.

National Nurses United
May 4, 2016


I'm a woman and I will vote for the best feminist for president: Bernie Sanders

I am a feminist. And I would like to one day break the glass ceiling with a progressive woman who sees class and race as fundamental problems in American society.

RoseAnn DeMoro writgin for the Gaurdian


Populist Poposals Remind Why Nurses Trust Bernie Sanders to Heal America

In recent days, the Democratic Party establishment has stepped up efforts to freeze the momentum for Sen. Bernie Sanders, pressing Democratic Party office holders, who are also convention super delegates, to get in line and trying to create an impression that the contest is over.

RoseAnn DeMoro, via The Huffington Post