Health and Safety


Three nurses outside with raised fists hold signs "Staff Up for Safe Care"

Brooksville’s Oak Hill Hospital nurses will rally for staff recruitment, retention, and patient safety

Oak Hill RNs say dangerous conditions in their hospital necessitate immediate action to protect patient care and safety, and safe staffing is the solution.

National Nurses Organizing Committee/National Nurses United
June 6, 2022



Why Violence Against Nurses Has Spiked in the Last Decade

Here’s an alarming statistic: Around one in four nurses has been physically attacked at work in the last year. Patients often kick, scratch, and grab them; in rare cases even kill them. In fact, there are nearly as many violent injuries in the healthcare industry as there are in all other industries combined.

Alexia Fernández Campbell writing for The Atlantic
December 5, 2016


Nurses outside hospital hold signs "Keep nurses and patients safe"

'Treat us better': Nurses flee hospital jobs because working conditions aren't safe

Nurses are unwilling to risk their licenses or their patients’ lives by working in unsafe conditions.

Bonnie Castillo, Executive Director of National Nurses United
October 11, 2021