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Nurses Against Threat to Patient Safety

National Nurses: Federal "Conscience Rule" Poses Significant Threat to Patient Safety, Choice

National Nurses United today condemned the Trump administration’s proposed final “conscience rule” in health care delivery that it said will pose a significant threat to women’s health and the fundamental principle of patient choice.

National Nurses United
May 6, 2019


Why Violence Against Nurses Has Spiked in the Last Decade

Here’s an alarming statistic: Around one in four nurses has been physically attacked at work in the last year. Patients often kick, scratch, and grab them; in rare cases even kill them. In fact, there are nearly as many violent injuries in the healthcare industry as there are in all other industries combined.

Alexia Fernández Campbell writing for The Atlantic


Norma Rae, 1979

Collective Power Key to Fight Sexual Harassment, Assault

It’s time to fight harder than ever to protect women workers’ right to a collective voice, and to defend a contractually upheld grievance process that has often been the only thing preventing retaliation for reporting sexual misconduct at work.

Bonnie Castillo, Director of Health and Safety
December 11, 2017