Affinity Medical Center of Massillon, OH

“Healthy Stark” Citizen’s Commission Launched to Help Guide Future of Health Care in Western Stark County

Group Sees Closure of Affinity Medical Center as Opportunity to Reclaim Health Security in the County

The Healthy Stark Citizen’s Commission was launched this we

National Nurses Organizing Committee - Ohio
February 15, 2018



Dennis Kucinich joins Affinity nurses’ rally

Dennis Kucinich joins Affinity nurses’ rally

Families and nurses shared testimonies of times when the staff of Affinity Medical Center stepped up and provided excellent care to them or loved ones.

Samantha Ickes, CantonRep.com
January 9, 2018



No Limits: In 49 States, Nurses Have No Cap on How Many Patients They’re Assigned

In an old episode of “I Love Lucy,” Lucy and Ethyl find jobs wrapping candy in a chocolate factory. As the candy comes down the conveyor belt, the joke is that there is a rate at which they can keep up—which is soon crossed.

Bonnie Castillo, NNU Director of Health & Safety
February 27, 2017