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MNA and NNU Renew Call for Halt of COVID-19 Mask Decontamination Processes After UMass Scientist Questions Safety of Re-Used Masks Due to Lack of Rigorous Testing

The Massachusetts Nurses Association (MNA) and National Nurses United (NNU) have renewed their calls for an immediate halt to COVID-19 mask decontamination processes because the testing of decontaminated masks fails to meet established scientific standards.

Massachusetts Nurses Association/National Nurses United
June 16, 2020


How hospitals got richer off Obamacare

A decade after the nation’s top hospitals used all their advertising and lobbying clout to keep their tax-exempt status, pointing to their vast givebacks to their communities, they have seen their revenue soar while cutting back on the very givebacks they were touting, according to a POLITICO analysis.

Dan Diamond, Politico
July 17, 2017


NURSE TALK RADIO: Massachusetts Nurses Take “Safe Staffing” to the People!

Massachusetts Nurses Association President, Donna Kelly Williams RN talks about a newly sponsored ballot measure campaign to fight for patient safety and protection.

Nurse Talk Radio
August 28, 2013


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