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National Nurses United Responds to The View's Disparaging Remarks about Nurses

National Nurses United (NNU), the largest organization of nurses in the U.S., would like to express disappointment regarding ABC show The View's disparaging, patronizing and misinformed comments on nursing.

National Nurses United
September 16, 2015


Coloradans Will Put Single-Payer Health Care To A Vote

On a brisk morning in Denver recently, an ambulance pulled up in front of a downtown office tower. "I think the patient is going to make it," Dr. Irene Aguilar said as a team rolled out the gurney. This wasn't a medical emergency, but rather a bit of political theater. The gurney held several big boxes of signed petitions to be delivered to Colorado's Secretary of State's office. The group ColoradoCareYES gathered enough signatures — more than 100,000 — to put a single-payer health system on the ballot next fall.

John Daley / NPR


National Nurses United Supports Colorado Single Payer Amendment

Nurses and over 200 other organizations are supporting Colorado Amendment 69, single payer healthcare for all Coloradans.

Pattie Lockard, Nurse Talk Radio
October 10, 2016