Group of five nurses inside hospital giving thumbs up

Centinela nurses ratify new contract with strong measures to improve patient safety and nurse retention

Nurses say the new contract will help in the hospital’s efforts to recruit and retain RNs in order to promote strong nursing teams and create an optimal healing environment for all patients.

California Nurses Association
September 2, 2022



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California is rolling back protections for frontline workers. This is wrong and dangerous

As California struggles with record infections, hospitalizations and deaths, it’s hard to imagine that hospital industry executives, with the cooperation of state regulators, would come up with a plan to make conditions worse. Sadly, they have.

Zenei Cortez
December 28, 2020


Nurse holds signs "Prioritize Public Health"

Still deadly pandemic is worst time to close a Los Angeles hospital

Amid a still raging Covid-19 pandemic the timing could not be worse for the rush to close another Los Angeles hospital.

Cathy Kennedy, RN
February 12, 2021


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