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California RNs Kick off Healthcare Tour in San Diego 6/19, with Screenings and Town Hall

Local stats show great need for healthcare overhaul—22% of adults uninsured, 13% of adults unable to see a doctor due to cost.

June 15, 2012

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Nurses Support American Health Security Act of 2011

The American Health Security Act of 2011 has the support of National Nurses United, the California Nurses Association, the Labor Caucus for Single-Payer and its member unions, the Labor Campaign for Single Payer, and the AFL-CIO which, at its convention in Pittsburgh in 2009, unanimously passed Resolution 34 in support of single-payer health care under a social insurance model and recently reaffirmed its support in its executive council resolution addressing national deficit reduction (March 2011).

Press Release
May 9, 2011