Nurses outside hospital hold signs "Nurses Say: Black Lives Matter"

Nursing our way to health care freedom

Juneteenth reminds us how far we need to go to achieve equity in our workplaces and communities. Read more in our blog post.

Animated still of hospital exec dumping a patient out of the hospital and into the home

Home All Alone

Watch our video on how the hospital industry is peddling programs to treat acute-care patients in their homes.

Vigil in front of Washington D.C. capitol building

One million lives is a tragedy, not a statistic

One million deaths. One million lives lost to Covid-19 in the United States. Two years ago, we nurses never thought that we would reach this grim Covid-19 milestone.

Latest Press Releases

RNs understand that abortion is a basic health care service, and as a union of health care providers dedicated to advocating for the best interests of our patients, NNU opposes any efforts to restrict our patients’ control and choices over their own health care and their own bodies.
RNs at PIH Health-Good Samaritan Hospital will highlight their deep concerns about patient safety, including chronic short-staffing, declining patient care standards, and the ongoing intimidation of RNs and local community allies.
Nurses are demanding management take action to change policies that contradict best practices, such as routinely making profit-driven staffing decisions that do not follow the clinically proven safe-staffing ratios needed to protect patients and produce best health outcomes.
Nurses and ancillary caregivers had been negotiating for fair contracts for more than 14 months and were prepared to strike over Palomar management’s bad-faith bargaining and numerous other egregious violations of labor law.

Organize with National Nurses United to improve workplace standards through collective bargaining, reform national health care legislation, and make a difference for you and your patients.

Latest Resources

Nurse outside holds sign "Nurses Essential to Patient Care"

Home All Alone: Assessing the Risks of the Acute Hospital Care at Home Trend

Health systems across the country are implementing so-called “Hospital at Home” programs. This course will analyze the drivers of this growing trend; assess the potential risks of the acute hospital care at home model to nurses, patients, and communities; and explore what the expansion of these programs could mean for the future of health care.

Two nurses sitting on floor in hallway

Moral Injury and PTSD in the Nursing Profession

This CE class will describe how the Covid-19 pandemic has amplified the stress inherent in the registered nurse’s role within the current for-profit health care system. The class will explore the critical stressors, both acute and chronic, facing the profession and offer solutions to mitigate those stressors.

Post-Exposure Isolation Period for Omicron SARS-CoV-2 Variant

This scientific brief outlines the incubation period and what nurses and health care workers should do when exposed to Covid-19.

Protecting Our Front Line

In this new report, National Nurses United describes how the hospital industry has driven registered nurses from the bedside.

NNOC/NNU 101: Your Guide to Joining the RN Movement

Your guide to National Nurses United. Learn more about who we are, how we are organized, and our guiding principles.


Sutter Nurses and Health Care Workers Strike!

Nurses and health care workers at 15 facilities across Northern California held a one-day strike on April 18 to protest Sutter Health’s refusal to address their proposals about safe staffing and health and safety protection.

United to Protect our Profession and Our Patients

A union gives RNs the legal right to advocate as a collective for contracts that ensure safe working conditions, protect nurses’ rights, and improved wages and benefits so that we can focus on what we do best: caring for our patients.

National Nurse Magazine

Fighting the Good Fight: nurses across the country demand safe staffing

Home Alone

Hospitals anticipate massive profits by dumping acute-care patients at home

Safety Dance

Nurses keep up pressure on OSHA to issue permanent Covid standard

Successful Resuscitation

Watsonville RNs help save their hospital, restore to public ownership

Campaign Updates

Nurse hold signs "Protect Nurses, Patients, Public Health"

Covid-19 Resources

Nurses and other health care workers are on the front lines of the pandemic; their protection is of the utmost importance. View our resources on Covid-19 and protecting nurses and other health care workers and their patients.

Nurse holds sign "Save Lives: Safe Staffing Now"

RN-to-Patient Staffing Ratios

Registered nurses across the United States understand the need to set a minimum number of nurses to safely care for a given number of patients, with adjustments to increase nurse staffing based on patient acuity.

Two nurses outside Capitol building hold signs calling for workplace safety

Workplace Violence Prevention

Violence against nurses and other health care workers in hospitals and other health care facilities is a growing epidemic across the United States. Learn more about NNU's national campaign to prevent workplace violence.