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Monkeypox: What nurses need to know

The monkeypox virus is now spreading rapidly in many countries that have not historically had cases. Learn about the symptoms, how it is transmitted, and what protections nurses and other health care workers need to care for a patient with a confirmed case.

Large group of nurses with raised fists in front of sign "Together we nourish souls, transform lives, and do justice to build the Beloved Community

Nurses at Ascension Seton Medical Center in Austin, Texas, vote by landslide to join NNOC/NNU

Nurses said they formed a union to win improved patient care standards and strong contracts.

Nurse outside holds sign "Protect Nurses, Patients, Public Health"

Survey: Year Three: Acute and Long Covid, A Double Public Health and Occupational Health Crisis

Has your employer prepared to protect you and your patients from Covid-19? Have you experienced long Covid symptoms? What kinds of support and resources are available in your workplace? Take the survey and let us know!

Press releases

S.B. 1334 guarantees enforceable breaks for public-sector and University of California workers who provide or support direct patient care in a hospital, clinic, or public health setting.
NNU sent a letter to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, stating that recent infection control guidance updates will result in decreased protection for nurses, other health care workers, and patients.
NNU sent a letter to Congress yesterday to express its support for President Biden’s supplemental funding request for $22.4 billion for the Covid-19 pandemic response, and $4.6 billion for the monkeypox virus.
National Nurses United is pleased to announce that more than 202 members of congress have co-sponsored the VA Employee Fairness Act of 2021 introduced by Rep. Mark Takano.

Organize with National Nurses United to improve workplace standards through collective bargaining, reform national health care legislation, and make a difference for you and your patients.

Latest resources

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Uber for Nurses? Beating Back the Push to “Gigify” Patient Care

This CE class will engage nurses in a discussion of the increasing predominance of so-called gig work in health care and provide the tools necessary to resist the dismantling of their profession.

Group of nurses inside hospital hold signs "Racism is a public health crisis" and "Black Lives Matter"

A History of Racism in Nursing: Creating an Anti-racist Path Forward

This CE class will examine the history of how racism has affected Black, Indigenous, and other people of color and how this history has set the stage for the ongoing structural racism that exists today within our health care settings.

Webinar: Latest Science on Monkeypox Virus

This webinar provides the most up-to-date scientific information about the monkeypox virus (MPV). It includes a situational update on the outbreak and information on MPV transmission modes, high risk groups, treatment, vaccines, public health measures, and workplace protections that nurses and other health care workers need to care for their patients safely.

Post-Exposure Isolation Period for Omicron SARS-CoV-2 Variant

This scientific brief outlines the incubation period and what nurses and health care workers should do when exposed to Covid-19.

National Nurse Magazine

Striking a hard bargain: Nurses stand up for patients, safe staffing, protections

Labor pains

Hospitals cut L&D units, endangering pregnant patients and babies

Right at home

Home health RNs share the joys and challenges of their specialty

Setting our sites

With gun violence a public health crisis, RNs demand gun control reform now

Campaign updates

Nurse hold signs "Protect Nurses, Patients, Public Health"

Covid-19 Resources

Nurses and other health care workers are on the front lines of the pandemic; their protection is of the utmost importance. View our resources on Covid-19 and protecting nurses and other health care workers and their patients.

Nurse holds sign "Save Lives: Safe Staffing Now"

RN-to-Patient Staffing Ratios

Registered nurses across the United States understand the need to set a minimum number of nurses to safely care for a given number of patients, with adjustments to increase nurse staffing based on patient acuity.

Two nurses outside Capitol building hold signs calling for workplace safety

Workplace Violence Prevention

Violence against nurses and other health care workers in hospitals and other health care facilities is a growing epidemic across the United States. Learn more about NNU's national campaign to prevent workplace violence.