Workplace Violence


Workplace Violence Puts Everyone At Risk

St. Joseph Eureka Nurses Demand Hospital Approve Workplace Violence Protections, After Multiple RNs Attacked

On the heels of multiple recent attacks against registered nurses at St. Joseph Hospital in Eureka, RNs will gather in front of the hospital Monday, July 29 to demand management approve a nurse-driven workplace violence prevention proposal, the California Nurses Association announced today.

California Nurses Association
July 26, 2019


Nurse on the job injury

Violence against nurses in hospitals not routinely tracked, reported

Violence against nurses in hospitals has become an epidemic. A federal report found 21 percent of nurses report verbal abuse, physical assault, and even rape.

Meghan Dwyer, WGN
November 17, 2017


What Nurses Really Wants

This Nurses Week, all the pizza in the world won’t make up for our employers’ lack of respect

Each year, there’s a special week to honor America’s most trusted profession: nurses! We become nurses because it’s our calling, and we do it for our patients, not for accolades. But we also know that the oath we take to help and heal all people — is constantly hindered by employers who cut corners to boost profits. And that makes management’s “We appreciate you!” box of Krispy Kremes during Nurses Week fall a bit flat.

Bonnie Castillo , Executive Director of National Nurses United