Nurses Campaign to Heal America


Nurses, Techs, and Community Hold a Candlelight Vigil for Patient Safety and Access to Services

MAINE--The Maine State Nurses Association/National Nurses United will hold a candlelight vigil Wednesday evening to demand that the administration of Calais Regional Hospital restore recently cut services and staff hours so that patients in the community can continue to receive safe and accessible care.

NNOC-Maine / NNU
April 28, 2014


Nurses Seek Health & Safety Evidence for Keystone XL Pipeline

Katy Roemer, RN, remembers the fire that took place in 2012 at the Chevron oil refinery in Richmond, Calif., a 12-mile drive from the Kaiser Permanente Oakland Medical Center, where she works as a maternity nurse. The fire burned out of control for more than five hours, spewing a huge black cloud of toxic chemicals, including sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide, into the air. Bay Area residents were advised to stay inside, close windows and doors, turn off air conditioners and heating units, and have duck tape on hand in case it was needed to further seal the windows and doors. Pets and children were to be kept inside.

April 1, 2014


Nurses Take Campaign to Heal America to Congress

Registered nurses from across the country went to Washington DC last week to urge Congress to take action to fix the nation’s broken health care system by enacting Medicare for All. While our nation’s health care system has incredibly capable nurses and other health professionals, and boasts a variety of other advantages like the highest spending per person in the world, we don’t get the outcomes we should. Far too many go without health care when they need it. Our nation ranks behind 19 industrialized countries in preventable deaths among those under age 75.

Deborah Burger, National Nurses United
May 27, 2014