Congresswoman Summer Lee

Union nurses endorse Congresswoman Summer Lee for re-election

National Nurses United today announced they have endorsed Congresswoman Summer Lee for re-election in Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District, where she has already delivered good-paying jobs, a cleaner environment, and leadership on reproductive health care.

National Nurses United
April 22, 2024


How hospitals got richer off Obamacare

A decade after the nation’s top hospitals used all their advertising and lobbying clout to keep their tax-exempt status, pointing to their vast givebacks to their communities, they have seen their revenue soar while cutting back on the very givebacks they were touting, according to a POLITICO analysis.

Dan Diamond, Politico
July 17, 2017


Michael Moore: Temple U. Teaches Strikebreaking, Patient Endangerment

The 1500 registered nurses and healthcare professionals whose strike at Temple University we told you about recently have been winning support around the country as their effort become a cause celebre in the nursing and labor worlds. The key issue is profound: should Temple or any hospital be able to gag its nurses and stifle their patient advocacy? If healthcare corporations have the ability to silence RNs, every patient will pay the price.


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