Nurses Say: Stop The Violence. Heal America.

NNU Statement on Synagogue Shooting: 'End Hate Speech in Wave of Racist/Anti-Semitic Attacks'

In the wake of the heinous assault on a Pittsburgh synagogue Saturday, and other attacks of the past week, National Nurses United (NNU) today joined with Americans across the country in calling for an end to hate speech and other rhetoric that enables and emboldens racist and anti-Semitic violence and threats.

National Nurses United
October 29, 2018


How hospitals got richer off Obamacare

A decade after the nation’s top hospitals used all their advertising and lobbying clout to keep their tax-exempt status, pointing to their vast givebacks to their communities, they have seen their revenue soar while cutting back on the very givebacks they were touting, according to a POLITICO analysis.

Dan Diamond, Politico
July 17, 2017


Nurses' Main Street Campaign to Rebuild America

In every city and town across America today there is a "Mr. Cellophane," as the musical Chicago put it, and other men, women, and children who seem to have become invisible to those who set policy in Washington and to the financiers on Wall Street who put them in the shadows.

June 10, 2011


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