100,000 RNs to Join Global Ebola Awareness Day Actions Wednesday with Vigils, Rallies, Strikes

From California to Florida, from the Philippines to Ireland, 100,000 registered nurses are expected to join a wave of actions to call attention to eroding patient care standards in the U.S. and globally that are symbolized by inadequate preparedness for fighting the Ebola virus.

National Nurses United
November 11, 2014


Nebraska Nurse Concerned About Health Impact of Keystone XL

I am a Nebraska citizen from Holt County. I have been speaking out against KXL since my first editorial in April 2009. I drink water from the aquifer, 52 feet down, absolutely pure, no treatment or filtration needed. The first route would have been 2 miles to the west of our private well and I was terrified. I called the EPA and an environmental scientist told me he would be concerned also. My concerns were confirmed when I heard Dr Goeke, a UNL water specialist (who now the pipeline proponents quote as having no concern to the water) testify at a NE legislative hearing Dec 1, 2010 that contaminants could migrate up to 2 miles in our groundwater!

Cindy Myers, RN
March 17, 2014