Medicare For All

Nurses: Far right Mercatus Study Illustrates Why Medicare for All is the Fix for Nation’s Health

Efforts by the Koch network linked Mercatus Center to undermine the growing movement for Medicare for all only illustrate why Medicare for All is the only real solution for an escalating health care crisis in the U.S.

National Nurses United
July 31, 2018


Bernie Sanders at podium

Bernie Sanders Has a Sweeping Plan to Expand Union Rights and Workplace Democracy

The fight to expand democratic control over the workplace just received a major shot in the arm.

Miles Kampf-Lassin, In These Times
May 10, 2018


 UCSF RN shows solidarity and strength

In Pursuit of Social Justice, Unions are the Answer

Unions are where the very stuff of our survival — wages and benefits, workplace safety and workplace justice, human rights and bargaining rights — come into play. Unions are the only way working people have ever found the voice — and power — they need to fight and win against giant corporations, and the billionaires who control them.

Bonnie Castillo, RN, Executive Director of National Nurses United
September 3, 2018


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