Nurses holding signs that read "Patients are not algorithms."

National Nurses United survey finds A.I. technology degrades and undermines patient safety

A survey by National Nurses United found that artificial intelligence technology (A.I.) often contradicts and undermines nurses’ own clinical judgment and threatens patient safety. The findings underscore the urgent need for stricter regulation and greater input from nurses and health care staff on whether and how A.I. is deployed.

National Nurses United
May 15, 2024


NNU Executive Director, Bonnie Castillo, RN at bill introduction

It's time for legislators to prove democracy exists by passing Medicare for All

We nurses know and believe that this is the best bill at the right time for moving America forward. Jayapal’s legislation is the most comprehensive to date, including all primary care, hospital and outpatient services

NNU Executive Director, Bonnie Castillo, RN, Contributing to The Hill
March 4, 2019


Group of nurses in march holding signs "Union women are powerful women"

We won’t let them ban our stories

When future students read about the Covid-19 pandemic, nurses want our stories to be emblazoned on those pages. We want our grandchildren to understand the righteous anger we felt, rushing between far too many patients at once — some of them our own dying colleagues — while our employers cut corners on staffing and posted record profits.

February 24, 2024