People holding signs calling for pilot renogotiation

Rally and Public Hearing on Major Non-profits PILOT Agreement

The Coalition for a Humane Hopkins will hold a rally in front of City Hall Thursday, Dec. 19, calling on Mayor Young to reopen and renegotiate the city’s 2016 “Non-profit Assessment Agreement” with 15 of Baltimore’s major non-profit hospitals

National Nurses United & Coalition for a Humane Hopkins
December 16, 2019


Johns Hopkins Hospital

Johns Hopkins Hospital hounds poor patients over 0.03 percent of revenue

Johns Hopkins Hospital sicced collections attorneys on thousands of patients over the past decade, often taking extraordinary measures to extract payment from patients who probably owed no money at

Alan Pyke, ThinkProgress
May 20, 2019


Nurses' Main Street Campaign to Rebuild America

In every city and town across America today there is a "Mr. Cellophane," as the musical Chicago put it, and other men, women, and children who seem to have become invisible to those who set policy in Washington and to the financiers on Wall Street who put them in the shadows.