Safe Staffing Ratios Press Releases

Submitted by ADonahue on May 10, 2021
Davis nurses outside holding signs "UC Nurses Demand Safe Staffing"

UC Davis Medical Center nurses to hold a virtual press conference to demand UC provide safe staffing and stronger workplace protections

Registered nurses at UCDMC will hold a virtual press conference on Wednesday, Sept. 22.

California Nurses Association/National Nurses United
September 17, 2021

Nurse holding sign at rally "Save Lives: Safe Staffing Now"

Tri-City Medical Center RNs to hold community rally to address safe staffing, and nurse recruitment and retention concerns

Nurses will hold a community rally at Tri-City Medical Center Hospital in Oceanside, Calif., to express ongoing concerns about safe staffing and improvements needed to retain experienced RNs and recruit new nurses to improve patient care.

California Nurses Association
September 9, 2021

Red scrub with button "Safe Staffing Saves Lives"

National Nurses United sets the record straight on nurse staffing

National Nurses United asserts that the United States is not experiencing a nursing shortage, only a shortage of nurses willing to risk their licenses or the safety of their patients by working under the unsafe conditions the hospital industry has created.

National Nurses United
August 26, 2021

Group of masked nurses inside hospital

Centinela Hospital Nurses to hold informational picket for patient safety

Registered nurses at Centinela Hospital in Inglewood, Calif. will hold an informational picket to protest the administration’s refusal to address RNs’ deep concerns about unsafe staffing conditions

California Nurses Association
August 15, 2021


Nurses hold signs "Patients First" in front of TV camera

MountainView Hospital Nurses to Picket Wednesday, Call on HCA to Invest in RN Staff and Patient Care

Registered nurses will hold an informational picket on Wednesday morning Aug. 4, at HCA’s MountainView Hospital.

National Nurses Organizing Committee-Nevada/National Nurses United
August 3, 2021