Press Release

Stop Walker's “Reverse Robbin’ Hood” Budget

May 10, 2011
Madison—Wed. May 11, Noon
Corporations must pay their fair share - community action targets local corporate tax evaders
A coalition of labor and community and organizations including seniors, teachers, nurses, students and public workers, will be led by Reverse Robbin’ Hood to deliver their last pennies to his friends, local corporations who have shirked their fiscal responsibility, this Wednesday. The action makes the point that Governor Walker's budget makes the wrong choices by robbing schools, seniors, working families, and the poor while giving massive tax breaks to corporations and his wealthy contributors.
Details of Action:

  • What: Protest Walker’s Reverse Robbin’ Hood Budget
  • When: Wednesday, May 11, 
12:15 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.
  • Where: Corner of Capital Square and King St., Madison, WI

Description: Join Reverse Robbin’ Hood and his band of mean spirited thugs as they hold up common folks under the guise of “shared sacrifice” and deliver the proceeds to the upstanding corporate citizens who reside within a stone’s throw of Gov. Walker’s castle. Why should they have to pay any taxes at all when grubby peasants and working stiffs still have a few pennies left in their pockets? Medieval attire encouraged and tights are welcome.
The People's Rights Campaign is a campaign of the Labor/Community Network which fights for the rights of ALL Wisconsinites, including:

  • A just taxation system in which corporations and the wealthy pay their fair share
  • Living wage jobs
  • The right to collectively organize and bargain
  • Quality, affordable public education in the public domain
  • Quality and affordable healthcare
  • Protection of our environment
  • Access to healthy food and quality housing
  • A secure retirement
  • Strengthened human, civil and immigrant rights

Co-Sponsors: Labor/Community Network, People's Rights Campaign, National Nurses United, Wisconsin Resists, Wisconsin Wave, US-Uncut Wisconsin, Wisconsin Alliance for Retired Americans, Autonomous Solidarity Organization
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