Press Release

Queen Meg Makes Major “Wealthcare Not Healthcare” Policy Proposal Before Hundreds of Nurses: Tue

Event Occurs at Protest Outside the Goldman Sachs 31st Annual Global Conference on Healthcare—Meg Whitman’s Former Employers
Queen Meg of California will kick off her fall campaign this Tuesday by unveiling her “wealthcare not healthcare” policy proposal at an appearance before hundreds of nurses and other working Californians, who will be protesting outside the Goldman Sachs 31st Annual Global Conference on Healthcare in Century City Tuesday. 

Queen Meg will join the nurses at the event because candidate Whitman is a former director of Goldman Sachs.  The outside program will feature special musical guests rallying the hundreds of RNs, while CEOs from drug, insurance, hospital, and finance companies will network inside.

“Queen Meg is a character running a satire campaign, but there’s nothing satirical about Meg Whitman’s healthcare proposals,” explained Malinda Markowitz, RN, co-President of CNA.  “Whitman’s proposals remain vague, but we know that she will start by firing nurses and cutting back the care that we are able to provide patients.  Nurses believe this would be a terrible blow to patient care and patient safety.  It’s ‘wealthcare not healthcare’—the Goldman Sachs way.”

WHAT: Queen Meg Unveils ‘Healthcare not Wealthcare’ Major Policy Proposal Outside Goldman Sachs 31st Annual Global Conference on Healthcare
WHEN: Tuesday, June 15, 12:15 p.m.
WHERE: Outside Century Plaza Hotel, 2025 Avenue of the Stars, Los Angeles

Queen Meg’s satire coronation campaign in the primary was covered by local, national, and international press, allowing the California Nurses Association to highlight the most troubling aspect of Whitman’s candidacy, including:

  • The Goldman Sachs ties 
  • Whitman’s proposals to undermine patient safety by firing nurses
  • The Pete Wilson/Meg Whitman attacks on immigrants
  • Whitman’s estimated $7 billion in education cuts—and the irony of holding campaign events at the public schools they will hurt

The Queen Meg character will campaign through the general election, bringing California voters the message that Her extreme wealth should allow her to ascend to the throne.  She is in discussions with Princess Carly to launch a merger and co-candidacy for the corporate royals.  Visit for more.