Press Release

Nurses to Hold Informational Picket at Chinese Hospital

Nurses hold signs calling for patient safety outside Chinese Hospital

Registered nurses at Chinese Hospital in San Francisco will hold an informational picket on Nov. 11 to highlight con­cerns about patient safety, unsafe staffing, and the proposed drastic cuts to RNs’ healthcare by Chinese Hospital, announced the California Nurses Association.

The day’s action comes as nurses are negotiating a first labor contract. The RNs voting overwhelmingly to join CNA in August 2019. The nurses have been seeking a labor contract that addresses safe staffing ratios and other patient safety measures amid the Covid-19 pandemic. The nurses are also demanding job security provisions and competitive benefits and wages with other CNA-represented hospitals to retain and recruit experienced RNs.

  • Who: Registered Nurses at Chinese Hospital, San Francisco
  • What: Nurses Picket Chinese Hospital: “Hands Off Our Healthcare!”
  • When: Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2020; 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm
  • Where: Chinese Hospital, 845 Jackson Street, San Francisco

“For the past year, we've given Chinese Hospital numerous proposals aimed to improve staffing, patient care, and retention of Nurses at Chinese Hospital.” said Sherry Yee, a registered nurse in a medical surgical unit. “Now, instead of addressing the pressing patient care issues we’ve raised, Chinese Hospital has announced cuts to our health benefits. Cutting healthcare benefits for frontline healthcare workers in the middle of a global pandemic is an unconscionable step in the wrong direction.”

“Chinese Hospital Nurses are dedicated to our community, but the Hospital’s actions will cause Nurses’ to leave and create more unsafe staffing.” said Linda Pan, an operating room registered nurse. “Chinese Hospital needs to do the right thing and negotiate a fair contract with us.”